J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezzola Sends Powerful Letter From Prison As He Faces 20-Year Sentence for Trespassing in US Capitol by Kangaroo Court | The Gateway Pundit | by Assistant Editor

When Dominic Pezzola enlisted to serve as an infantryman in the US Marine Corps, he never fathomed he would one day be held hostage by his own government for protesting an election.

Dominic is an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran, father, husband, and business owner.

“Anyone who has been following closely knows that our trial was a complete sham and disgrace,” Pezzola told The Gateway Pundit in May on a government-surveilled call from a tablet in his cell. “The Constitution was completely shredded in our trial and the Constitution was actually re-legislated from the bench just so the prosecution can get their convictions.”

Despite beating the most serious charge, Seditious Conspiracy, the DOJ is still seeking 20 years in prison for Dominic.

Do not be fooled – If they do this to an honorable US veteran – they will do this to anyone!

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

We are living in a post-Constitutional period – We will either be led by tyrants and lose all freedoms or we will unite and preserve our God-given freedoms.  You are here for a reason.

** Please help Dominic Pezzola here.

Below is a letter from Dominic to TGP readers:

I remember the part of my life when I was very young, I would walk with my grandfather while he taught me about life and what it meant to be a man; I remember it as if it was like yesterday. We would go through the woods, and he would teach me to hunt and fish but he would also instill in me values and morals that would be an important part of my life. I can still hear his voice with a heavy Italian accent explaining how hard work, honor, integrity, and courage to stand up for what you believe in were a fundamental basis for a life to be proud of and self-respect. My favorite stories of all were of how my grandfather survived WW2 in Italy and eventually made his way to America for a new start. Listening to him tell of how the Nazis would come into his and his family’s homes and just take whatever they wanted or about how he would have to push his mother into a ditch to escape the shelling or machine gun fire of their small town. As the war raged on, he would eventually join the Italian guerilla army to try to help rid his homeland of the fascist invaders. I could even detect the pain behind his eyes when he would recall how the Nazis would round up suspected collaborators and revolutionaries and have them executed, friends of his who were tied to posts and shot point blank in the head. My grandfather was the strongest, greatest man I’ve ever known and truly was the embodiment of the greatest generation. My family came to America in the early sixties when my father was about 4 years old. My grandpa and dad moved here after my grandmother died at a very young age to begin a new life in a new place. In Italy, he told me, he worked in a supervisory position with an irrigation company, in other words, he had a very good job.

But he gave it all up and came to a country where he didn’t know the language and started over as a mason where he would work night and day to provide. He wanted to make sure that his son and his future generations would have the best opportunity possible and could live out the American dream. Even though he was subjected to many hardships and even prejudices that many immigrants had to endure at that time he never once blamed America. Instead, he worked hard for everything he ever had, never took a handout, and always proclaimed America to be the greatest country on the planet. When I told my grandfather that I was joining the Marines and would serve my country I believe that was one of the proudest moments of his life. He had served in the Italian army before coming here and since I was a first-generation American, I was the first from my family to serve in America. We would talk for hours about how excited I was for him to come to see me graduate wearing the sacred eagle, globe, and anchor. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, he died a few months before I was to be deployed to boot camp. It was and still is the most devastating thing to happen in my life and even now twenty-five years later, I still get emotional thinking about him. But as he had taught me, life will have its ups and downs and it’s what you do in those situations that matters, you persevere. So, I turned sadness into strength went into training with a newfound focus, and graduated as the company honor graduate, and on that beautiful sunny day on Parris Island, I knew my grandpa was smiling down on me.

As I write this letter, I would never have dreamed that America, the beacon of freedom, in the world would be under attack by the same fascist, tyrannical tactics that my grandfather fought against during World War II.

Yet, here I sit, illegally detained for going on 32 months now, on made-up charges for protesting the stealing of an election by a corrupt establishment swamp. 31 months, most of it in solitary confinement, with no legal access, medical access, or contact with family.

I was threatened by the FBI, that if I didn’t cooperate with them, they will seek a terrorist enhancement on my sentencing with a mandatory 20-year sentence. Which is exactly what they asked for on August 18, 2023.

20 years, at a supermax facility for at best, misdemeanor trespassing while Antifa and BLM goons have some of the most serious charges anyone can face dropped or seriously reduced to a slap on the wrist. A potential life sentence for a father, partner, veteran, and business owner with a spotless record while left-wing terrorists are praised by the traitor democrats for burning cities to the ground. My trial was nothing but a Democrat tribunal in the most corrupt city in America with corrupt judges, prosecutors, and a biased jury made up of demo rat voters, donors, and people tied to the swamp in every way imaginable. There was a better chance of me being struck by lightning twice while cashing in on a winning mega-millions lotto ticket than getting a fair trial in D.C. but being labeled a terrorist by this illegitimate government after serving my country and contributing to the overall good of society for a lifetime is beyond disgusting.

** Please help Dominic Pezzola here.

I write this part of the letter to the ones I love; my family but will share it with America because it’s important to remember the human aspect of a political prisoner that gets lost due to all the chaos being forced upon us by the evil that dwells in the world. To my family, you may never truly know just how sorry I am that you must endure the added pain and sadness of having a loved one ripped away from you during a time in our country’s history that seems to grow dimmer by the day. I know you are aware that I could end all of this if I just turned to the dark side, worked for the feds, testified against others, and denounced my beliefs. But please understand, that this is not an option for me. If I did, I would dishonor the memory of my grandfather and everything he taught me and I am not physically, mentally, or psychologically capable of doing that. I would sooner be put in front of a firing squad than align myself with evil. I do believe our country’s best days are still ahead and that God is in control, that good will eventually triumph over evil. But if I am wrong, and I never again regain my freedom, I must tell you all how I truly feel. To my brother, we haven’t had an easy relationship and fought more than we should have but I want to tell you that I am proud of the man you have become, of the father you have become. Being a single dad isn’t easy but you’re killing it. When things seem to get a little rough, try to remember how we were when we were kids and that should put things into perspective. Give your daughter a hug for me and keep your son on the straight path for he is the only one that can carry on our name. I wish I would have been a better big brother, but I hope that now you still see me standing strong against everything that has been thrown at me, to break me and that you have a sense of pride in me as well. Dad, you were the hardest-working man I’ve ever known, and I proudly admit to inheriting your work ethic. You were an excellent provider and none of us ever want a day without. I’m sorry we fell out of touch for a few years but if any good has come out of this mess, at least we’ve spoken to each other again. I love you, pops. Mom, what can I say besides you’re awesome. You helped keep my spirits up every day by keeping me informed on what’s going on in the world and that people haven’t forgotten about us. Growing up I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother. You ran ragged between taking us to all our sports and activities, maintaining a household, and raising us. You’ve been there whenever I’ve needed you and I love and appreciate you very much. It’s true, no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to need your mom.

To my daughters. There has been no greater honor in my life than to be your dad. I am extremely proud of the beautiful young women you’ve become. You’ve managed to avoid all the temptations and bad habits that have ruined so many young lives and nothing has made me happier. You are extremely smart and talented and have great futures ahead of you. Keep up the good work in college. I know I haven’t been there for the birthdays and graduations over the past couple of years but just know that my heart will forever be with you, no matter what. The love I have for you girls is something that you’ll never truly grasp until you have children of your own. I hope you understand why I felt the need to answer the call on the 6th when our nation needed support. Don’t believe anything you hear on the news about us, we were set up and attacked so the evil ones in this world could continue to destroy our futures. My biggest fear is that you won’t be able to achieve the American dream that your great-grandfather came to this country to offer to you. This is the reason Patriots came to DC on the 6th. Take care of my little boy for me, I know you guys will give him a good life. That dog used to make me smile so much and I really miss him. My love, my angel. I knew from the moment I first laid eyes on you that you would have a special place in my life. Your intelligence, strength, and beauty are both inspiring and mesmerizing and anyone whose life you’ve been a part of has been made better for it. What you’ve been able to accomplish while raising our children and dealing with my antics (lol), is truly amazing. Every day I’m away from you is a pain and sadness like no other on Earth that I have felt. It’s as if a vital part of me, of my soul, has been ripped away and I miss you so much. You are and always have been, the best part of me. My only regret in life is that I didn’t make you laugh more. Just know that I will always cherish the time we’ve had together, and I wouldn’t trade a second of it, the good or the bad, for everything in the world. I love you more than all the languages in all the world could possibly describe, and I do believe we will be together again whether it’s in this life or the next.

I don’t know what the future holds for me as I continue to sit in the D.C. gulag awaiting the fate that Judge Timothy Kelly will hand down on September 1, 2023. What I do know is that I will continue to fight these false convictions and fully plan on filing an appeal as soon as I possibly can. This situation has yet to break me because of the love I have for my family, the faith I have in God, and the support from my fellow countrymen. May god bless and keep you all.


Dominic Pezzola

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