J6 Prisoner Sean McHugh Describes How Ray Epps Pushed His Mother Down to the Ground When He Was Hurling Huge MAGA Flag at Police – Epps Walks Free as McHugh Is Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

J6 Prisoner Sean McHugh Describes How Ray Epps Pushed His Mother Down to the Ground When He Was Hurling Huge MAGA Flag at Police – Epps Walks Free as McHugh Is Sentenced to 6.5 Years in Prison

Sean McHugh and his son before he was locked up as a political prisoner by his government.

Sean McHugh was found guilty in a DC kangaroo court earlier this year for assaulting, impeding, or interfering with police officers on January 6.

Last Thursday Sean McHugh was sentenced to six and one-half years in prison. It was another outrageous sentencing against another horribly abused Trump supporter.

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The Gateway Pundit covered Sean McHugh’s story previously before his trial.

McHugh has spent 28 months in jail since his arrest by the Biden FBI.

In a previous interview by Kelly Wilde for The Gateway Pundit Sean McHugh said that there is more video of law enforcement pushing innocent women and elderly people down, shooting rubber bullets that left holes in people’s faces, and bloody scenes from officers’ point-blank violence.

“I know it’s kind of explicit, but these are the things that people need to have access to,” McHugh said.

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McHugh previously told The Gateway Pundit he wants the CCTV footage of Ray Epps to be made public.

In sealed footage, McHugh has seen Ray Epps forcefully hurled a large metal sign into a line of police officersan activity prosecutors have labeled a felony assault of an officer with a deadly weapon.

Anyone who touched the sign —“an enormous battering ram,” according to prosecutors— was denied bond and subject to lengthy prison sentences: The list includes Charles “Brad” Smith (41 months), Marshall Neefe (41 months), Thomas Hamner (30 months), Howard Richardson (46 months), Alan Byerly (34 months), Jose Padilla (held 25 months) and Jonathan Copeland.

Although many were trying to avoid being hit by it themselves, Epps clearly shoves the sign so hard that it knocks Sean McHugh’s mom to the ground.

Sean McHugh described to The Gateway Pundit how Ray Epps shoved his mother to the ground that day.  Ray Epps remains a free man today.  Sean will serve 6.5 years in prison for touching the sign and for aiming bear spray at DC police officers to protect himself from their attack.

McHugh was charged with touching the sign but not Ray Epps who was the one hurling the sign at police.

The Gateway Pundit spoke with Sean McHugh this weekend and he told us about his mother and their encounter with Ray Epps.

Jim Hoft:  Sean, I didn’t realize this. I read your story a couple of times, but I didn’t realize that your mother was there with you?

Sean McHugh:  Yeah, yeah, I was there with my mother and my friend from California, Auburn, California. And my friend and I were going to go initially, and my mom I talked to my mom about it and she was adamant about going, and I was very concerned. So was my friend.

And you know what? We made preparations because we had seen The Summer of Love and other rallies where Antifa just runs up on people who are aimlessly walking down the road and sneaks up on them and hits them in the back of the head with a brick. They have no regard for human life, is what it seems like. And they want to tear down our institutions and attack innocent people. So we ended up bringing bear spray to the rally and we had it on us, and we decided that if anybody tries to come at us, we’re going to defend my mother, and that’s why we had it on us that day.

My mom is, I don’t know if she’s so much Republican, but she’s Team Trump for Republicans. These Republicans and Democrats seem to have formed their own uniparty, and so I don’t think that she stands with those people like McConnell or anybody, but we’re definitely Team Trump…

I knew that I couldn’t bring any real weapons, not that I would to the Capitol or anything like that. And then even on the Capitol’s own website, it does not prevent you from carrying bear spray on the Capitol grounds.

After he left the Ellipse during President Trump’s speech, Sean McHugh ran into Ray Epps the first time.

Sean McHugh: We ran into Ray Epps. I think it was at the corner of the Constitution and 14th, wherever the Ellipse is, right there. I’m not quite sure what the crossroad was, but he pulled us aside because he saw me with the bullhorn and he said that I had a loud voice and he encouraged me to get people to go to the Capitol.

There was a permitted protest that was going to take place at the Capitol later that day and I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, and so I was amping people up. He told me at 01:00 PM., We’re going to the Capitol no matter what and whether Trump’s done speaking or not. And so he had it dead set on a timeline in his head to get people there at 01:00 PM. And as we know, 01:00 PM Is when the pipe bomb was found. 1:00 PM is when the breach happened. So it kind of begs the question, what type of timeline was he keeping in mind?… That was my first encounter with Ray Epps…

(Sean moved to the Capitol)

…My mom showed up right as Joshua Black got shot in the face, and we saw his face explode. The rubber bullet just went right through his cheek, and he started gushing blood. It left a big pile of blood on the Lower West Terrace Plaza, and it really shook people to their core. And really what it reminded me of was the Boston Massacre, where they just opened up fire on innocent people. I imagined that something happened because there was Antifa there, like Landon Copeland, and there were Communist supporters there, like Josiah Kenyon, who in open court testimony says that he’s a Communist supporter. He dressed like a Trump supporter in order to agitate.

It was so crowded there. You couldn’t really see 3 ft in front of you. So we finally make contact. I’m yelling at the cops about shooting innocent people, and she grabs me by my backpack, and she pulls me back towards her. And then she says, we need to get out of here, and then all hell breaks loose… They start opening fire on everybody. And my mother and I, we’re not engaging with the crowd at all. In the video DSC6, I have a copy of it. It’s in my discovery and the exhibits in my case as well. We’re holding each other. We have each other’s hands over each other’s heads, and we’re just embracing each other, not engaging in the crowd around us at all.

When police opened fire on the J6 crowd with flash bang grenades, gas, and rubber bullets, Sean fired bear spray in the air that clearly dissipated before it reached police.

…And my mother winces and cries out in pain, and I fear for the worst. (She was shot in the back by a rubber bullet) I just seen Joshua Black with a hole in his face. I don’t know what’s going on, right? And I tell her to get behind a wall, and I spray up into the air. I obviously know I’m not going to hit the officers that are up, perched up on the Upper West Terrace shooting down, and it looked like I was 20 to 30ft away from the officers that were down below. I wanted to stop what was going on around me, and it was a fight or flight type of situation.

It was a setup – Sean added this:

Sean McHugh: There was absolutely no warning. They had a PA system they could have got over because it was the inaugural stage. They could have just turned on the PA system. They could have said there’s a bomb threat, and told everybody to leave. I mean, if anybody with a half of a brain would have thought about that, but I don’t think they wanted that to happen. So there was no warning at all.

Sean said this on Ray Epps knocking his mother to the ground.

Sean McHugh: So it was a little before 2 PM. I think it was like 1:50 PM So what had happened? Ray Epps was walking up and down the police line telling officers that we knew this would happen.We have it on body camera. Anyway, he was also saying that we don’t want to go in just yet. We want to hold back because we don’t want to get shot. I don’t know how he knew someone was also going to get shot that day, but he seemed to know that. But anyway, so we’re at the front line and the sign starts coming over us and actually a body cam that shows really clear footage of it is from Jason Cropper. He’s with NPD. His badge number is 5926. The length of the video is 1 hour 32 minutes. But at 20 minutes 58 seconds you can see on that video that my mom’s hand goes up because the sign is coming over her head and she has to kneel down and so she tries to put her hand up but it’s a very big sign.

Jim Hoft: Yeah, I’ve seen that video several times. Yes. So your mother had to it went over your mother’s head?

Sean McHugh: Yeah. She’s wearing a red jacket, says Team Trump and she’s got white gloves, very, very distinguished in the so her hand goes up and then it comes down on her and she falls down on the steps. Actually, Joseph Padilla, who was also there, he and I both helped my mother up and then by this time the sign swinging around towards us and I put my hand out to stop the sign from knocking her down anymore.

Jim Hoft: Yeah. Did you ever figure out where that sign came from?

Sean McHugh: No, I have no idea.

Jim Hoft:  That’s interesting that somebody would bring such a big metal sign and then march it up towards the front and throw it at the cops. But Ray Epps was leading that effort from the videos we’ve seen, is that correct?

Sean McHugh: Well, he was at the rear of the sign and he could have stayed where he was at, but he actually followed it. He actually moved with the sign. He had both hands on the sign and his body language. He was charging, pushing that sign forward, and at that moment, through capital CCTV footage, you can see that. That’s when it kind of rammed into my mother and I again.

Jim Hoft: Wait a minute, Sean. So it rammed into you twice, is that right? It knocked your mom down the first time?

Sean McHugh: Yes. And then we’re standing to the side of it, and I can’t say that it was Reyes himself because there’s a lot of hands on it. There’s over a dozen men who are charged for it. Reyes is not one of them.

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Here is our interview with Sean McHugh and his encounters with Ray Epps that day.

Today at least eight young men and Trump supporters are serving time in federal prison. The average sentence is three years. The Biden regime jailed them for touching the huge MAGA sign that Ray Epps was hurling at police.

Patty McMurray first posted this video.

Insurrectionist Ray Epps walks free today.

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