Jimmy Kimmel calls Trump ‘great white supremacist’ – Washington Examiner

Hours after Donald Trump announced he is suing ABC News and This Week host George Stephanopoulos for comments made during an interview with Rep. Nancy Mace, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel referred to the former president as “the great white supremacist.”

Kimmel made the remark as he was discussing Trump’s civil fraud case Wednesday night. Judge Arthur Engoron ordered Trump and the Trump Organization to pay more than $350 million in damages as the result of the civil fraud lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Additionally, Trump is now not allowed to operate any business in New York for the next three years, per the ruling.

“The great white supremacist has until Monday to come up with a $464 million bond, or the state may seize and sell his property,” Kimmel said. “Something tells me over the weekend, Trump’s going to start talking about how strong Vladimir Putin is, and suddenly a dump truck full of rubles will pull up and cover this for him.”

Engoron has ordered Trump to pay the bond before he can appeal his case, which, according to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, “is not possible for bonding companies to do in such a high amount.”

“But of course, the real loser here is Melania,” he said of Trump’s wife, former first lady Melania Trump,” Kimmel went on. “She may end up with half of the nothing he owns now. I hope she got an advance on that prenup because, if you think she hates him now, wait until he’s poor.” 


Trump’s wife Melania joined the campaign on its Florida tour earlier this month for the first time since Trump began his 2024 run. By that time, Trump was already the lone Republican candidate for the party’s presidential nomination.

Kimmel’s show is possibly on its final contract, according to the host. The program has two more years on its contract with ABC after 22 seasons.