Joe Biden Loses Another Battle to Teleprompter: “You Can Buy the Same Drugs in Toronto or Paris Cheaper Than… in Toronto” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

It’s a good thing for Joe Biden and Democrats that the media is so openly deceitful and biased.

The fake news just loves to defend the regime and its titular head, lost, crooked, and confused, Joe Biden.

On Tuesday Joe Biden lost another round to the Teleprompter.


Joe Biden was talking about Bidenomics, or wages, or something and got lost in his head.

Here is Old Joe from earlier today-

Joe Biden: “A drug company that makes a drug here in America, if it’s sold in Chicago you can buy the same drug in Toronto or Paris cheaper than you can buy it in Toronto.”

OH, Joe. How about some chocolate pudding before your nap?