Joe Biden Uses Whiteboard to Explain Bidenomics and It Goes Horribly Wrong (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cristina Laila

This didn’t go well.

Joe Biden on Friday used a whiteboard to explain to the American people how great the economy is thanks to his economic agenda dubbed ‘Bidenomics.’

Pro tip: If you have to work overtime to try and convince people the economy is great, the economy is not great.

“I came to office determined to change the economic direction of this country and to move from trickle-down economics to my middle out, bottom up vision: Bidenomics,” Biden said.

Here is the reality of Bidenomics: High mortgage rates, high inflation rates, collapsed banks, expensive groceries, record-high rent, and dwindling retirement accounts.

Biden actually stood in front of a whiteboard and talked down to the American people.


No one is buying Joe Biden’s BS.