Joe Rogan Rips ‘Banana Republic’ Indictments of Trump: ‘Looks Like You’re Trying to Prosecute Your Political Opponents’ (VIDEO)

Joe Rogan slammed the indictments of Trump during a recent episode of his podcast, calling it the stuff of banana republics.

In his criticisms, he singled out Letitia James and Fani Willis, questioning what their real motivations are and suggesting that this looks like nothing more than the targeting of political opponents, which is exactly what it is, of course.

This is notable because if Joe Rogan is asking these questions, millions of Americans are thinking the same thing, and not just Trump supporters.

Partial transcript via Kanekoa on Twitter/X:

“It’s crazy how many times they’ve indicted him because it seems like what happens in banana republics, but just somehow or another, it’s okay? The exact same thing? Did you see when that guy from Shark Tank? Kevin O’Leary was discussing this whole thing, saying, you’re gonna ruin real estate development in New York.

People won’t want to do real estate deals there because this is how they do it. When they say my building is worth $400 billion, you’re supposed to say no, it’s worth $300 million. Here’s a loan on $300 million. To say that that’s fraud when he paid the loans back. Yeah, this is crazy. That is the epitome of, what are you doing? What are you chasing? What did you not chase down? And you’re chasing this down?

Is it possible that you’re doing this because this guy’s running for president? Because it kind of seems like it to the world. It looks like you’re trying to prosecute your political opponents. 360-something million dollars. That’s insane. It’s a lot of money. Where does it go? Because there are no victims, right? That’s a problem. Elon tweeted that. It’s just kind of bonkers.

And then you got the Georgia one with that Fani lady. That lady is in trouble. She’s in trouble. She’s in real trouble. The whole story is amazing. To see her on the stand getting sassy and see that her explanation was cash. She keeps a lot of cash around the house. Like, where do you get this cash?

Watch the video below:

Rogan is right about all of this and voters see it too.

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