Kash Patel and Steve Bannon Discuss the Real Reason the Biden Regime and Israel Missed the Hamas Sabbath Attack – Includes Kash Patel’s Guest Post on Gateway Pundit | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Kash Patel and Steve Bannon Discuss the Real Reason the Biden Regime and Israel Missed the Hamas Sabbath Attack – Includes Kash Patel’s Guest Post on Gateway Pundit

On Sunday night The Gateway Pundit published Kash Patel’s guest post on how the Biden regime missed the Hamas Sabbath attacks, the largest mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust in World War II. Kash argues in his report that this was “not a miss” by the Biden administration. This massive blunder was a deliberate act of weaponization by the Biden administration of our national security apparatus.

Kash Patel explained the focus of the Biden regime this way:

The intelligence community, like our national command authority is directed by one thing, the Commander-in-Chief. Whether you grow its size is a red herring, when you reorient thousands of career individuals trained to detect prospects of war, you have less personnel and capacity detecting the threat environment. Its simple; there is only so much money, machines, and manning to direct against our enemies.

I know first hand during the Trump administration, our national intelligence priorities were foreign terrorist organizations, and defeating a nuclear Iran. We had specific cells and groups within the IC dedicated against groups like HAMAS and Iran, they were top tier priorities. President Trump made this mission simple, defeating our enemies will always be the top priority in his national defense arsenal. We used all options, overt and covert.

The National Intelligence Priorities Framework (NIPF), is the bulwark of our national security efforts. What is the NIPF? Simply defined, amongst a multi-tier threat analysis, each White House is charged with the duty of prioritizing the greatest threats to the United States and our allies. In the Trump administration, this was simple, AQ, ISIS, and foreign terrorist organizations were all top priorities. Each year the White House creates a new rack and stack within the NIPF, for example during Biden’s first year, climate change was the top priority. Don’t believe me, his DoD’s first CONOP (concept of operations, the mandate that moves the DoD’s rudder) was on climate change. Not terrorists, not the CCP, not Iran, and not the cartels (like we did during Trump’s term), but the weather.

On Monday, Steve Bannon and Kash Patel offered the clearest explanation yet on how the Biden regime missed the Hamas Sabbath attack, a major military effort that took months if not years to plan and execute.

Steve Bannon: I want to make sure we start by reading your piece in Gateway Pundit is about the Biden administration missing the beginning of World War Three. What did you mean by that?

Kash Patel: It’s a piece that the mainstream media didn’t want to run with because it contradicts the defense industrial complex narrative. We’ll get into all that. But the main genesis of the piece is how did we miss it? How does the best in intelligence infrastructure in the world miss it? And this is where I get into an argument with a lot of the folks, even on our side of the aisle, they think, oh, they had it, and just decided not to do anything. That reality is way worse. What happens is in the national intelligence infrastructure is you have to set priorities. President Trump set priorities. What are we going to do? We’re going to kill terrorists, we’re going to go after al Qaeda. We’re going to go after ISIS, we’re going to take on Iran and make sure they don’t get a nuclear weapon.

There’s your critical intelligence failure driven by Biden’s desire to weaponize intelligence for political narrative purposes. And it was intentional. That’s the difference between Trump and Biden. Now the world sees what happens when you do not.

Immediately after the Biden administration just weeks ago provided Iran with $6billion of funding, the fake news declared this an overarching win because they carried the false narrative that this was a victory for global security. The day after Iran received this stack of cash, they kicked out every single UN inspector that guarded against their production of nuclear weapons grade material.

The media continued to print false stories that America will have oversight of all funds because Biden administration told them to say so. You now see the power of these disinformation campaigns. The reality, Iran’s president, the day after receiving the cash stated unequivocally Iran will use the funds as they see fit, with zero oversight. As a side, it’s a total fiction to believe America could have any oversight of these funds- to wit Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Watch the entire segment below with the two big guns. This was outstanding analysis.

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