LeBron James Reportedly Concerned as Squatters Move In Down the Street from Beverly Hills Home

LeBron James Reportedly Concerned as Squatters Move In Down the Street from Him

Liberal voters in California are facing the consequences of who they vote for.

Squatting has been a growing issue with many liberal states that have passed laws that make it concerningly easy for the homeless — commonly illegal vagrants — to begin occupying another person’s property.

California has seen notable issues with squatters, enough so that “Squatter Hunters” have had to begin taking action against those attempting to illegally occupy vacant homes.

It’s not exclusive to the less luxurious parts of the Golden State either, as the high-cost area of Beverly Hills has begun to see opportunists make their way over.

As basketball star Lebron James is building his multi-million dollar estate in Beverly Grove Place, neighboring celebrities such as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, it’s also neighboring a mansion-turned-party-house that’s run by squatters.

As Los Angeles Magazine reports, the $4.5 million estate at 1316 Beverly Grove has been turned into an illegitimate business, hosting parties and charging large entry fees to attendants.

Listing agent John A. Woodward IV claims the operation is run by “a very sophisticated criminal ring of squatters” who he believes are earning upwards of $30,000 a month with their fees.

The property has seen an interesting history, previously being owned by Dr. Munir Uwaydah who was accused of hiring a hitman to kill his girlfriend and is currently on the run.

As such, it’s currently in possession of the criminal court after being seized, which maintains the upkeep of the property with taxpayer money.

Neighbors of the estate have asked District Attorney George Gascón’s office to shut off the utilities to the property — which are currently being covered by government money — but were told that “squatters have rights.”

“Taxpayers are paying the utilities to keep the lights on and the pool running. Neighbors are beyond pissed,” Woodward lamented.

“These squatters have been here since October, charging rents for rooms and throwing massive parties all night long,” he continued. “I just want to get this house sold to satisfy the court.”

Concern and frustration over the illegal occupancy of the Beverly Grove home aren’t exclusive to just Woodward —  neighbors are also furious.

A group chat for many residents on the street has been overrun with anger over the ongoing situation, as Curbed reported.

“Cut off their water,” one person suggested.

The group became particularly infuriated when Gascón’s office said that the “squatters have rights.”

“Welcome to California,” a peeved person shared. “Thanks Liberals.”

A neighbor contacted the house manager for Lebron James, who stated that the sports star was very concerned about the situation.

Unfortunately for James, he doesn’t have much of a right to be concerned.

The same left-leaning political ideas that he so happily advocates for are what permitted the situation to progress to the extreme level it’s at now.

Perhaps if instead of blindly voting for liberal-leaning politicians, he actually considered the consequences of who he voted for, this situation might have been avoided.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.