‘Live, Small Flying Insects’: Multiple Florida Restaurants Ordered To Close After Health Violations

Several restaurants in Florida were directed to close after multiple health violations were documented, including one instance in which “live, small flying insects” were reported, according to Local 10.

Restaurants such as KFC, Panera Bread, and a family-owned restaurant called Wings & More were ordered to close after the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) found several health violations ranging from “live roaches,” sewage and wastewater being backed up “through floor drains” to insects flying around the kitchen, according to Local10 News. The restaurants were instructed to shut down between Sept. 5 and 8.

“Live, small flying insects in kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area and/or bar area,” the DBPR said of the KFC located on Wiles Road in Coral Springs, Local 10 noted.

DIRTY DINING: 🍴 Roaches, “slime” and food temperature issues were just some of the violations found last week at restaurants in South Florida. https://t.co/Xh9SnHEZIj

— WPLG Local 10 News (@WPLGLocal10) September 11, 2023

The DBPR reportedly also observed five “live flying insects flying and landing” on a wall located in the dry storage area. Additionally, “live flying insects” were observed on a wall in between the men’s and women’s restrooms, on a wall in the dining area, and on the wall where the soda beverage machine is located in the dining area, according to the outlet. (RELATED: ’10 Dead Roaches’: Florida Red Lobster Ordered To Close After Multiple Health Violations)

“Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found,” the DBPR said of the Panera Bread on Biscayne Blvd in North Miami, Local 10 reported. “Observed 1 live roach on the floor by bread oven in kitchen area, also observed approximately 10 live roaches behind a cardboard box in the storage room.”

Additionally, the DBPR noted that the restaurant, Wings & More had “sewage/wastewater backing up through floor drains.” Employees were also observed “tracking water” across the floor as water was observed covering several walkways in the kitchen, not washing their hands before putting gloves on, according to the outlet.

The DBPR reportedly has “discretion on which establishments” can be ordered shut and which should not, according to the outlet. Each restaurant that was directed to shut down was allowed to re-open after cleaning up and being re-inspected.