MAGA Beauty Isabella DeLuca’s Arrest Is Proof Positive That Biden’s Weaponized Justice System Has Become Outright Despotic Against Political Dissidents | The Gateway Pundit | by Paul Ingrassia

MAGA Beauty Isabella DeLuca’s Arrest Is Proof Positive That Biden’s Weaponized Justice System Has Become Outright Despotic Against Political Dissidents

If there were somehow still need to convince someone about the Biden Regime’s weaponization of the justice system – now, to outrageously clownish levels – look no further than this week’s arrest of Isabella DeLuca, a 24-year-old social media influencer and MAGA bombshell.

Like thousands of other innocent Americans, Isabella was arrested merely for showing up at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, and engaging in what generations past used to refer to as constitutionally protected civil disobedience.

As a result of her appearance, earlier this week in California Isabella was ambushed by no less than seven federal agents, who, without warning, descended on the 5’1 influencer, then proceeded to handcuff and temporarily detain her for questioning – while reportedly also deploying a separate unit of agents to raid her apartment back in Washington, DC, for evidence of her asserted “crime.”

Even if one did not know anything about the facts of Isabella’s case, the timing and nature of the arrest is very telling about the despotic tack of the Biden regime – now, incredulously, pushing for more arrests of innocent Americans in sheer desperation as they get increasingly anxious about their likelihood of success at the ballot box come November.

Isabella was pictured inside the Capitol building on January 6th; that is true.  She touched a table that, according to some reports, was allegedly later used to assault police officers.

Regardless of the truth of that claim, her simply being on Capitol grounds and touching an instrument allegedly used to commit assault should never, under any circumstances, alone implicate a party for criminality.

This is common sense: the manufacturer of an automobile, later sold to a reckless driver who proceeds to cause an accident, would never held liable for the driver’s reckless conduct.  Similarly, the fact that Isabella appeared on Capitol grounds is not sufficient reason to charge her with any crime.

Under the Constitution, the peaceful right to assemble is an unassailable right guaranteed by the First Amendment.  This should, theoretically, be the start and end of every single January 6th case, period.

And that does not even take account of the broader context in which the January 6th demonstration occurred: following a year of historically violent riots and looting by far-left agitators, including BLM and Antifa.

Virtually none of those Far-Left rioters were charged with a crime – despite committing untold billions more in property damage than what occurred in the January 6th event.

To the extent certain portions of the demonstration at the Capitol on January 6th turned riotous, any misdemeanors resulting from such riotous activity (which justice dictates should be the absolute highest penalty, in only the most exceptional cases) absolutely must be placed in the broader context of what we now know about that day.

(Also, as an aside on the riot-insurrection distinction, by now there is an increasing bipartisan consensus that the demonstration of January 6th, 2021, was, patently, not an insurrection – by both the historical and generally held meaning of the term.  Full stop.

For example, even just this past week, former CNN host, Christopher Cuomo – brother of former NY State Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo – admitted on various podcast interviews that the January 6th demonstration “was not an insurrection.”)

We have clear and convincing evidence, based on all the intelligence collected on Ray Epps and many other federal infiltrators at the scene on January 6th, that agents were unquestionably laced throughout the crowds that day, goading protestors to proceed into the Capitol and going so far as to encourage them to commit criminal activity.

We also know, through released footage from that day, that Capitol Police, at best, acted incompetently in waving on the demonstrators to enter the Capitol.  We know through the tragic murder of Ashli Babbitt that such officers tasked with securing the Capitol were egregiously unqualified for their posts – and acted negligently, if not criminally – in shooting an unarmed demonstrator who posed absolutely no threat whatsoever to human life.

There is, of course, much more to the story.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  But in the time since January 6th, 2021, the “Official Narrative” put out by the January 6th Committee (itself an obvious political hatchet-job) has gradually imploded.

Because the Regime has lost its grip on the Official Narrative, this goes a long way towards explaining why Biden’s Justice Department is now cracking down on demonstrators, like Miss DeLuca, with fervent zeal (This, while violent criminal felons get a slap on the wrist and illegals flood our country by the millions with impunity).

Even if, assuming the devil’s advocate, she acted wrongfully under normal circumstances, her actions that day must be seen in light of the broader entrapment operation at work – wherein peaceful demonstrators were aided and abetted by Capitol Police and federal operatives – to proceed to areas where they normally would not have been allowed to enter.

The circumstances that day were extraordinary, not normal by any stretch of the imagination, and the responsibility for any breaches squarely rests on the shoulders of Congressional Leadership – Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, above all – who failed to adequately secure Capitol grounds and furnish competent administrators — including the D.C. National Guard — and officers at the scene to do so.

The blame should never be placed on the peaceful demonstrators, the overwhelming majority of whom did not commit so much as a misdemeanor, let alone a felony, who showed up to express their rightful and constitutionally protected grievances concerning fraud in the 2020 election, and were coerced into a scheme – a conspiracy, even, carried out by federal authorities – that was entirely beyond the control of anyone not in on the act.

The greater significance of Isabella’s arrest is the story it tells about the nonexistent state of freedom in America today under the Biden Regime.  The fact that federal agents can descend on an otherwise harmless 24-year-old woman at random, brutalize her with an interrogation, and be acting at the behest of a Regime that threatens to sentence her for decades in prison are circumstances that no free society would tolerate.

Isabella’s story is no different from potentially thousands of other Americans, who now stay awake paranoid each night expecting that armed federal agents can at any moment bang down their front door and ambush-arrest them, Constitution be damned.

The facts of Isabella’s case are highly disturbing on their face: it is bad enough that federal authorities have already been conducting a decades-long surveillance operation on the American public.

This has emboldened deep state actors over time, rendering them callously indifferent to the grievous privacy breaches they commit on a daily basis, all without the authorization or even the knowledge in most cases by the public.

The public, in return, has become desensitized to the deep state’s decades-long insurrection on their right to privacy, which many have taken for granted — though the damage rendered to American liberty over that timespan is very real.

These extraordinary conditions explain the flagrantly unconstitutional methods the FBI took to obtain subpoenas on Isabella’s whereabouts on January 6th, 2021, furnishing the legal pretext to commence her arrest, without any questions asked.

But the subpoenas into her bank records and social media accounts, as part of a clandestine, behind-the-scenes maneuver to provide sufficient grounds on which to presumably obtain a warrant needed for her arrest has no basis, whatsoever, in the Constitution and the law.

These are extraconstitutional methods undertaken by illegitimately agents acting under extraordinary circumstances – where they weaponize “the law” or their official posts as license to run roughshod over the Bill of Rights, stripping innocent Americans of their fundamental liberties along the way – all without due process of law.

That fact must remain the focus of all Americans who are infuriated by the two-tiered system of justice being carried out in this country.  If we lose sight of what is going on, we will lose what little remnants are left of the liberties enshrined in our founding documents, the light of freedom for which our forefathers fought long and hard to pass down through the generations.

Isabella’s political prosecution is emblematic of the much larger battle going on right now for the soul of this country – it is the same nightmare that tens of thousands of political prisoners have been living over the past three years, which has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more.

It is the same cause Donald Trump has taken up as his own – one that has become a staple of his 2024 presidential campaign, because he understands, maybe better than anyone, no society that treats its most patriotic citizens as political hostages will endure.

Those are the ultra high stakes of this upcoming election, and reason why every single American should be outraged by how the Department of Justice has made mincemeat of the presumption of innocence and due process by targeting political dissidents like Isabella and thousands like her for simply exercising their God-given rights.

Please consider donating to Isabella’s GiveSendGo page here, to help cover legal fees, consultations, and associated costs, ensuring Isabella gets a fair chance to present her case. 

Isabella and her family thank you for your support, compassion, generosity – and prayers!

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