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ACLJ accusing DHS, other Deep State actors of constitutional violations

The American Center for Law and Justice has announced that it is working on a major lawsuit, on behalf of renowned commentator Charlie Kirk and his Turning Point USA organization, accusing the Biden administration of massive violations of the First Amendment.

In an online report, ACLJ official Jordan Sekulow explains it’s all about the government’s insistence that social media and other companies censor comments it dislikes.

The issue was discussed during a broadcast of “Sekulow.”

Jordan Sekulow’s report explained, “Before the 2020 election, Kirk had millions of followers on social media. But after President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) began suppressing conservative social media accounts, Kirk lost hundreds of thousands of followers. Such Deep State interference violated Kirk’s First Amendment right to free speech.”

He reported the campaign began “After the media promoted rampant false claims that Russia had stolen the 2016 election [and] the Obama Administration shifted its focus to foreign election threats.”

“When the Mueller Report found zero evidence of Russian collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia, the CISA broadened its scope of foreign threats to ‘domestic misinformation.’ Following this, it began clamping down on online information that it considered dangerous.”

Sekulow revealed, “As we understand, the DHS eventually equated what it labeled as ‘online misinformation’ to committing a cyberattack to interfere with any election. Then the DHS and CISA pressured social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to censor conservative messages.”

Sekulow charged that government “message-throttling” violates the First Amendment.

On the broadcast, Kirk reported he began noticing that his messages weren’t reaching his followers during the 2020 presidential election.

“At the time, they had one of the largest conservative Twitter accounts in social media, with 120k–140k retweets a day, but then it started to taper off during the election cycle. And then after January 6, he truly felt his social media freefall after being put on a ‘do not amplify’ list,” the report explained.

He said the Biden regime “considered my views and the views of half the country – and more than half the country, in my opinion – to be that of domestic violent extremism.”

In fact, the Constitution bans the government from directly censorship speech, so it has been revealed that the Biden administration set up numerous channels with various foundations and outside organizations.

Biden officials would complain to those groups about messages they disliked, and then those organizations would complain to social media companies, whose officials would then suppress ideas Biden disliked.

The report noted Heritage Foundation, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Fox News, and many more also were victims of the Biden campaign.

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