Man Sitting On Hood Of Cop Car With A Meth Pipe Begs Police To Take Him To Jail, Officials Say

Cops found a New Jersey man with a suspected meth pipe Wednesday morning sitting on top of an unmarked police vehicle and asking to be taken to jail, according to a Hackettstown Police Department (HPD) statement.

Cody Zeigler, 27, was asking police to take him to jail while perched on the vehicle in the HPD parking lot, the statement read. Zeigler reportedly pointed to a pipe containing suspected methamphetamine residue that was on the vehicle’s hood.

Police arrested and charged Zeigler with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct, per the statement. They reportedly also booked him in the Warren County Correctional Center until his court appearance. (RELATED: Blue State’s Lax Drug Laws Reportedly Encourage Teen Misbehavior And Handicap Policing)

Hackettstown is about 55 miles north of Trenton, the capital city of New Jersey, and northwest of New York City.

A man in New Jersey took an unusual approach to getting arrested when he was found sitting on the hood of an unmarked police cruiser with a meth pipe. Cody Zeigler, 27, begged the officers to take him to jail, even pointing to the pipe he had placed on the cruiser. #UnusualArrest

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Some of New Jersey’s lawmakers expressed concern over the state’s lax drug laws following its criminal justice reform. They said the laws fueled misbehavior, especially among young people, and hampered policing efforts, The Associated Press reported. Several teenagers have been heard mouthing off to the police without fear of consequence, per the report.