Mysterious Black Curtain and “Special Police” Spotted Around Maui’s Ground Zero (Video) | The Gateway Pundit | by Anthony Scott

Volunteer reporter Geoff Cygnus who has been reporting exclusively on the aftermath of Maui after deadly fires razed the island, has released a new video that shows a massive black curtain that has been resurrected around Maui’s ground zero.

In a new video that was uploaded on both TikTok and Twitter, Cygnus recorded a video of a massive black curtain that stretches all along Lahaina in West Maui.

Cygnus shared in the video that he stopped his vehicle near the curtain to film but was immediately approached by members of the National Guard and was told to “keep moving.”

The volunteer reporter also reported seeing “Special Police” who are standing guard “ensuring that nothing can be documented.”

He also noted that around the perimeter of the black curtain “You can’t stop your car, you can’t pull over, you can’t fly a drone, you can’t take a picture, you can’t get in anywhere near any of this.”


Per WND:

It’s already being called “The Biden Curtain,” as new videos from Lahaina, Maui, reveal miles of black curtains erected to prevent people from seeing what’s happening at the origin site of this month’s catastrophic wildfires in Hawaii.

Geoff Cygnus, a citizen journalist on TikTok, posted the video, with a caption reading: “Miles and miles of black fencing being put up in Lahaina. Ground Zero is now behind the Biden curtain.”

“There seems to be a huge emphasis on ensuring that the media and anyone else can’t see what’s going on,” Cygnus reported.

There’s something night right out in Maui and volunteer reporters on the ground like Geoff Cygnus are doing their best to find out what that exactly is.