Nashville Cowboy Goes Off on ‘Senior Citizen’ Biden, Kamala Harris: Both of Them ‘Need to Go’

If this is the word on the street among many black voters, Democratic hopes for 2024 just got dimmer.

In a man-on-the-street interview by conservative activist and journalist Benny Johnson, a black man in Nashville let loose with a stream of criticisms of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris that should have had some ears burning in the D.C. Beltway.

The language takes a bit of getting used to, but once that’s out of the way, the message comes through loud and clear.

In his introduction to the video posted to YouTube on Sunday, Johnson said he was “reporting from Nashville, asking a question that didn’t have anything to do with Donald Trump.”

“And one man just wanted to come and tell us what he thinks about our president, and it blew our minds,” Johnson said.

The contents of the video make it easy to understand why.

It will blow minds in a certain city north of Richmond, too.

WARNING: The following video contains extremely graphic language. It’s been bleeped over, but it isn’t hard to figure out.

“Biden, that motherf***** losing his senses,” said the man, wearing the kind of cowboy hat that goes better in Nashville than it would in any northern city.

“That and Kamala Harris, she just a token, and I hate to say it, she just a token black woman,” the man said. “I don’t give a damn. Like I’m gonna say this s***. She just a token black woman.”

The video is spliced with creatively edited scenes from campaign ads, news footage and sitcoms to heighten the comedic value of the man’s comments, but he really didn’t need the help. He was on a roll.

“Biden tagged onto that and said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna win the black vote while having her.’”

Granted, as political analysis, it’s maybe not as erudite as the Washington Post might be, but does anyone doubt Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) had something similar in mind when he singlehandedly saved the Biden primary campaign in 2020 by delivering the black vote in South Carolina to the then-former vice president?

And as for Kamala Harris’ role? The man didn’t quite quote Shakespeare with “yon Cassius has a lean and hungry look,” but he got the idea of the power-hungry former senator across pretty well.

“She felt like, ‘OK, we’re gonna say Biden is incompetent, then I’m gonna be president,’” he said.

Instead, Biden is hanging on. And actually running for re-election — even if it looks like he has trouble walking half the time.

“Like, come on, man. That man too damn old. He a senior citizen,” the man said. “We need to be talking about Jello and senior citizen homes with his a**.”

As should be clear by now, the man is no fan of the man and woman leading the executive branch at the moment.

“I’m not a political person at all,” he said. “But I will say one thing: His a** needs to go. And her a** needs to go.”

And since discussing the Biden-Harris administration almost always leads in one direction, the man had an opinion about former President Donald Trump — and it might not come as a surprise at this point, though the verbiage might not be what most Trump supporters would choose.

“I think Trump should be president,” he said. “And I’m a tell you why.

“Because we need somebody that’s an a**hole in the White House.

“We need somebody that’s going to tell these foreign countries, ‘F*** you. This is the way we gonna do it. And if you don’t like it, we’ll meet you on the battlefield.’”

Actually, Trump never said anything like that — his strong point was negotiation — which is how he managed to get Israel and historic enemies making some of the strongest strides toward peace in the Jewish state’s existence.

It’s how he worked with Mexico to put some controls on the illegal immigration flow — controls that were inanely destroyed by the incoming Biden administration to create the crisis that’s now reaching all over far from the border states.

And it’s how he created one of the most successful presidential terms in history, despite being handicapped by a monstrously biased media, a relentless Democratic opposition and a special counsel investigating what turned out to be a baseless hoax of “Russian collusion.”

The bottom line, though, was the man’s obvious loathing for the current White House occupant.

“The world we live in today is f****** crazy,” the man said. “And Biden needs to sit his old a** down and eat some Jello somewhere.

“And Kamala Harris, Pamela, Kamala, whatever the f*** her name is, she needs to sit her a** down, too.”

Considering the black voting bloc’s unflinching devotion to the Democratic cause, even a small crack in that monolith would spell trouble for the Democratic ticket in 2024.

If there is anything like this kind of disdain for Biden and Harris in the black community, and anything like this kind of support for Trump, if Trump is the GOP nominee, next year’s election is going to be one for the history books — in more ways than one.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.