Nikki Haley criticizes Trump’s foreign policy: ‘Trying to buddy up with dictators’

Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley criticized the foreign policy of former President Donald Trump during his time in office, claiming he was “trying to buddy up with dictators.”

In an appearance on CBS News’s Meet the Nation on Sunday, Haley released all restraints in her criticism of Trump on the world stage, saying his foreign policy during his time in office, where she served, was harmful to the United States.

.@NikkiHaley is releasing a campaign ad with the mother of Otto Warmbier, a University of Virginia student who was imprisoned in North Korea and later died during Donald Trump’s presidency.

About Trump in office, she says, “You can’t have someone who is trying to buddy up with…

— Face The Nation (@FaceTheNation) January 21, 2024

“We saw this over and over again. It’s not just that he congratulated China’s President Xi a dozen times after China gave us COVID; he congratulated the Chinese Communist Party on their 70th anniversary,” she said. “We don’t congratulate the Communist Chinese party. I remember at the United Nations, I had to sit him down and tell him to stop this bromance with Putin. I mean, you can’t have someone who’s trying to buddy up with dictators that want to kill us. Instead, you have to let them know what we expect of them.”

Haley recently put out an ad featuring the mother of University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, who was imprisoned in North Korea for stealing a propaganda poster. He was returned to the United States during the Trump administration but soon after died from complications related to his mistreatment while in prison. The former U.N. ambassador criticized Trump’s behavior around the incident.

She also took credit for a package of sanctions against North Korea implemented under the Trump administration.


“The thugs in North Korea tortured him and returned him back in a state that is unconscionable,” Haley said, referring to the student. “I passed the largest set of sanctions against them in a generation by pushing China and Russia to do it. But what did Trump do? Instead, he talked about love letters going back and forth to Kim Jong Un. Cindy would contact me; she was so upset. And he went and said, ‘Oh, but Kim said that he wasn’t aware of any torture that happened to Otto.’ All you had to do was look at Otto when he was returned back to his parents.”

While Haley has taken credit for much of the foreign policy moves under the Trump administration during her time at the U.N., the former president was dismissive of her performance, saying at several rallies that she was simply a figurehead.