‘No Love For Me’: Nikki Haley Responds To Endorsement Snubs From Home State

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley responded Saturday to several endorsement snubs from her home state of South Carolina.

Haley blamed her lack of key endorsements from South Carolina on her relationship with the state’s legislature while she served as the Palmetto State’s 116th governor from 2011 to 2017, the New York Post reported.

“I forced them to pass ethics reform, even though they didn’t want to do it,” Haley said on her 52nd birthday. “So there is a reason there’s no love for me, from the legislature in South Carolina,” Haley told reporters after an event at the Monadnock Center for History & Culture.

Haley has only received 14 endorsements from current or former South Carolina lawmakers, while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has received 74, according to the outlet.

“You will not see me have a whole lot of legislative endorsements in South Carolina. And the reason is, I forced them to have to start showing their votes on the record, against their will — that’s documented,” Haley said.

Former presidential candidate and Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott endorsed Donald Trump on Friday, emphasizing the former president’s policies and stating “we need a president who will unite our country,” the outlet reported. (RELATED: ‘You’re Not Gonna Beat Trump’: Video Emerges Allegedly Showing Veteran Confronting Nikki Haley)

“Was I disappointed, of course I was disappointed,” Haley said of Scott endorsing Trump. “He’s got to live with that decision. I don’t have to live with that decision.”

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster: “New Hampshire is for Trump, South Carolina is too. We’ll see you at the finish line.” pic.twitter.com/pRO4a4QDYI

— MAGA War Room (@MAGAIncWarRoom) January 21, 2024

Republican South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster also snubbed Haley, taking the stage beside Trump at a Saturday rally in New Hampshire. McMaster told the crowd that South Carolina “is for Trump.” Haley, however, acted unbothered when asked about McMaster’s lack of support.

“I’m sorry, is that the person I ran against for governor and beat? Just checking,” Haley said.