Oliver Anthony Says U.S. Won’t Last ‘More Than Another Generation’ Unless We Change Course (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Mike LaChance

Singing sensation Oliver Anthony was interviewed at his recent concert performance by a reporter for FOX News.

The footage was just released and in the clip, Anthony suggests that the United States won’t last for more than another generation if we don’t change course as a country.

He calls out the media and other cultural institutions which constantly seek to divide the American people rather than bringing us together.

From FOX News:

Oliver Anthony predicts US will not last ‘more than another generation’ unless country changes course

Viral sensation Oliver Anthony said he does not believe the United States will last more than another generation if the country continues along its current trajectory.

On Saturday, Anthony performed in front of thousands of fans in Moyock, North Carolina, as part of a free concert.

Following the show, the “Rich Men North of Virginia” singer-songwriter said that while he feels appreciation from people with whom the song resonated, he would rather people appreciate each other and their individual struggles. He said that, hopefully, people can find the energy he put into the song and manifest it in their personal lives.

“You know, talking to their neighbors again and their coworkers and just trying to find similarities with each other instead of division—that’s really all I want,” Anthony told Fox News…

“If we continue on the path we’re going down now, culturally, we won’t have a country very long. Five years? Fifty years I don’t know,” Anthony said. “I mean, I don’t see our country lasting more than another generation the way we’re headed. We gotta go back to the roots of what made this country great in the first place, which was our sense of community.”

Here’s the video:

That is a scary prediction, but it is sadly believable.

There are too many people in the country who believe America is inherently evil. They don’t understand our history, our Constitution and laws, or even why they are so lucky to live here.

Anthony is right. We do need to change course.