Ouch! Founder of DeSantis Super PAC Destroys the Florida Governor – Then Backs Trump in Same Interview! (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Republican Strategist John Thomas, the FOUNDER of the DeSantis Super PAC just went on News Nation and dropped a bomb! Thomas told News Nation that DeSantis lacks all of the qualities that make a good candidate – charm, charisma, discipline, being likeable – and he is now backing Trump.

John Thomas: I, along with a lot of grassroots supporters and major donors, said, okay, let’s draft DeSantis, encourage him to run for president, because we think he’s got the stuff.

Except there was one problem, Adrian. It’s that when Governor DeSantis did end up launching, he had a failure to launch, and he’s never recovered. And while he may be a great governor, he’s not ready for the national stage, and we don’t think that he’s ready to beat Joe Biden.

And on the flip side, Adrian, we think that Donald Trump, in spite of all of his legal challenges, has honestly run nearly a flawless effort with strategic ad spends against his opponent, DeSantis, good messaging choices that really I hadn’t seen in 2016 or 2020. So for all of those reasons, we all reversed course to get behind Donald Trump, not just because we think he’s going to be the nominee, but honestly, we think he’s the best person to beat Joe Biden in the general.


…Looking back, it seems quite clear, right, that DeSantis might not be ready for prime time. Was it was a risk? Certainly. And it was a miscalculation on our behalf, thinking that sometimes, and we’ve seen this in other cases what makes somebody good for one office? The skills don’t directly translate to another. For instance, when you’re running for governor or Congress, oftentimes the main skills you need are ability to raise money and roll television ads. When you run for president, yes, of course, that’s important. But retail politicking, charisma, charm, discipline, being able to conduct yourself in a likable manner on television interviews, those are all equal, if not more important, than your ability to roll the TV ads. And DeSantis just hasn’t had it. And then the last thing I would say, Adrian, is like, there are some basic failure launch mechanics, for instance, choosing to launch on Twitter spaces. Of course, I don’t fault the governor. Nobody could have known that system was broken, but the governor blew it in the sense of he didn’t even have a simulcast video stream for new television stations to cover it.

That is just brutal.

Ron DeSantis is finished. Maybe he can come back in 2028 but it will be tough. It’s too bad he believed all of those strategists who were blowing smoke up his behind.

As Tucker Carlson said – Trump’s emergence is the “most significant thing” in US politics “in 100 years.”

It’s too bad DeSantis missed that.