Parents Of Woman Found ‘Melted’ On Couch Receive Sentence

The Louisiana parents of a woman who was found dead in a maggot-infested couch received their sentence Wednesday, WBRZ 2 reported.

Clay and Sheila Fletcher were sentenced to 40 years in prison, half of which was suspended, following their conviction for the manslaughter of their daughter, Lacey Fletcher. Lacey was found in a grotesque state, described as “melted” into a couch, according to WRBZ 2. The couple turned themselves in Feb. 20, leading up to their trial.

Coroner Dr. Ewell Bickham described the place where Lacey was found neglected, with a strong smell of decay and a damaged floor, WRBZ 2 stated. Bickham highlighted how tragic Lacey’s life was, pointing out she had autism, hadn’t spoken for years, and hadn’t seen a doctor since 2002. He emphasized that she was neglected for a long time, with no medical care or insurance claims made for her. When found, she only weighed 96 pounds, and her death was partly due to starvation.

Parents of Lacey Fletcher who ‘melted’ into couch after not moving for more than a decade sentenced to 20 years in prison

— New York Post (@nypost) March 20, 2024

“What happened to Lacey should never happen again,” Dr. Bickham said, the outlet reported.

Initially, the parents were accused of second-degree murder and said they were not guilty, the outlet stated. A judge dropped these charges due to technicality, but a grand jury brought them back. The charges were then lowered to manslaughter, and the Fletchers chose not to contest them. Their lawyers claimed the couple always took care of their daughter and did not mean to harm her. (RELATED: Siblings Who Were ‘Chained To Their Beds’ By Parents Sue Foster Care After They Were Allegedly Abused By New Parents)

“They loved her to death, and that is the true statement of what the Fletchers are,” Steven Moore, the couple’s attorney said, according to WRBZ 2. “The things that happened to Lacey are horrible in the way it worked out, but they cared for her daily.”