Phillips would consider No Labels run if Biden expected to lose Trump rematch

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), a long-shot Democratic presidential candidate, said he’d entertain a third-party presidential bid if it appeared like President Joe Biden would lose a rematch against former President Donald Trump.

Phillips acknowledged he would consider running on No Labels, a centrist group exploring an independent bid, though Biden allies have expressed concern that such a candidate could siphon Democratic or independent voters from the president.

“It would have to be a Joe Biden-Donald Trump rematch that shows Joe Biden is almost certain to lose,” Phillips told the New York Times. “That is the only condition in which I would even entertain a conversation with any alternative.”

He has a long-standing relationship with Nancy Jacobson, the group’s chief executive, from his time in the group’s congressional Problem Solvers Caucus.

“People are criticizing them because they believe whomever they offer on their ticket will hurt Joe Biden,” he said. “That’s false. If they put someone at the top of the ticket who could actually drive votes from Donald Trump, every Democrat in the United States of America should be celebrating it. They haven’t made that determination.

Phillips has focused his campaign in New Hampshire, where Biden will not appear on the ballot due to the Democratic National Committee’s decision to change the primary schedule, sliding South Carolina up to the first-in-the-nation position. This change wasn’t followed by New Hampshire, which scheduled its primary first anyway, prompting Biden’s campaign not to file in the state.


There is a group in the state working on a Biden write-in effort so that he still wins.

Phillips’ campaign has taken advantage of Biden’s absence in the state, looking to bring him a challenge come Jan. 23. He compared the president’s nonexistent presence in the Granite State ahead of the New Hampshire primary to “Bigfoot” in a TV ad released recently.