Photoshop princess: Royal image taken by Kate Middleton was altered, analysis finds – Washington Examiner

Another family photo related to Catherine Middleton, princess of Wales, was altered, according to a leading photo agency, as the odd controversy surrounding the royal family continues.

As online rumors circulate about the princess’ whereabouts after she has not been since her abdominal surgery earlier this year, Kate shared a Mother’s Day photo of herself and three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis. The Associated Press, however, issued a rare “kill order,” asking news outlets to retract “the image and instructed clients to remove the photo from their systems.”

Getty Images said another photo, this one with the late Queen Elizabeth and her grandchildren, taken by Kate and released by the palace, had also been doctored, saying the photo “has been digitally enhanced at source.” The photo agency has had a long-standing relationship with the royal family. 

“Getty Images said the photograph of Queen Elizabeth w/ her grandchildren & great-grandchildren, taken by Kate & released by Kensington Palace last year, has been “digitally enhanced,” & a CNN analysis found signs of alteration in as many as 19 places.”


— R.S. Locke / Royal Suitor (@royal_suitor) March 19, 2024

“Getty Images is undertaking a review of handout images and in accordance with its editorial policy is placing an editor’s note on images where the source has suggested they could be digitally enhanced,” Getty Images said in a statement to CNN. 

CNN’s analysis highlighted inconsistencies with the image, which point to elements that appear to have been altered. 

One clear sign the image has been changed is the inconsistent light source, with different lighting angles on some of the children’s heads. In a normal photograph, the lighting only comes from one source, meaning everyone should have the same shadows. 

The analysis also points to hairs out of place and other misalignments with furniture lines.


Middleton apologized for her Mother’s Day mishap, calling herself an “amateur photographer.” She did not explain why she edited the image. 

“Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused,” she said on X.