Political Prisoner Podcast Exclusive – Proud Boys Leader Joe Biggs FIRST Time Speaking Out Since Horrific 17-Year Jan 6 Prison Sentence | The Gateway Pundit | by Assistant Editor

The spirit of resilience is still alive and well in Joe Biggs. Now, for his first time speaking out since the beginning of his trial last year – Joe Biggs joins Jake Lang on The Political Prisoner Podcast live from the DC Jail Gulag!

In this episode, which can really only be described properly as ‘epic’ – Joe digs down deep into the heart of his political persecution and his faith in God.

If you have ever wondered about the nitty gritty details of the Proud Boys corrupted federal trial, look no further.

Joe unpacks a full-throttle indictment on the sinister tactics that the prosecutors used in his trial; including suppression of evidence, manipulation of videos, witness tampering by the FBI and more.

Finally, someone is brave enough to expose all the Department of Justice’s dirty tricks, hallmark of a two-tiered justice system –  redesigned to railroad Biden’s political opponents!

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Also, the Biggs family needs the support of the Gateway readers now more than ever. His federal appeal process is underway & this battle for truth and freedom is brutally expensive!

Please donate to Joe Biggs legal fund at FreeJoeBiggs.com 

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