REPORT: Liberal Media Turning on Fani Willis ‘Like Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship’

Despite the fact that Georgia Judge Scott McAfee has ruled that Fani Willis can remain on the Trump case, even though she has been caught in numerous lies, the liberal media knows that she is now damaged goods and they are turning on her.

Talking heads at MSNBC and CNN have already thrown her under the bus.

Willis is used to the fawning coverage that usually comes with being a progressive public figure who is trying to ‘get’ Trump, so this could throw off her game a bit.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Left turns on Fani Willis after judge finds ‘an odor of mendacity remains’ in her case against Trump

Many of us were demoralized by Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee’s decision on Friday to allow District Attorney Fani Willis to continue prosecuting the RICO case against former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants. McAfee ruled that Willis may carry on as long as she fires ex-lover Nathan Wade, whom she hired as the special prosecutor in the case in November 2021. Wade resigned from the position on Friday…

Despite the outcome, the Left appears to have turned on Willis. Like rats deserting a sinking ship, many in the legacy media are now calling for her to recuse herself from the case. Leading the pack is MSNBC contributor Andrew Weissmann, a rabid partisan best known for his leadership role on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation team. He said, “I think this is such a huge body blow, almost a fatal blow to Fani Willis. I think the way forward is she has to voluntarily recuse herself.” He’s just not sure if she “has it in her.”…

CNN’s chief legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid sees McAfee’s ruling as “really a gift to President Trump and his co-defendants because they’re not only going to fight this case on the merits, they’ll fight it in the court of public opinion. Optics here matter.”

Over at the conservative commentary site The Federalist, they’re saying it’s time to indict Willis for perjury:

It’s Time For Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp And His AG To Indict Fani Willis For Perjury

Last week, Judge Scott McAfee issued his opinion on the potential disqualification of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her subordinate-slash-romantic partner Nathan Wade from Fulton County’s prosecution of Donald Trump and some 18 other Republicans relating to the 2020 election. McAfee found that there was no actual conflict of interest but did find that there was an appearance of impropriety, and held that Wade, but not Willis, had to resign from the prosecution.

The opinion was wrong on the facts and the law. But Trump and his co-defendants have strong grounds for appeal, and Fani Willis isn’t out of the woods yet. Moreover, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr need to do their job, get over whatever animus they have toward Trump, and indict Willis and Wade on perjury charges.

This entire situation could easily blow up in Willis’ face. In her quest to go after Trump, she has exposed herself.

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