Reporter: ‘Exasperated’ Judge Chutkan Rolled Her Eyes and Put Her Face in Her Hands as Trump Attorney Argued Case in Hearing Friday | The Gateway Pundit | by Kristinn Taylor

Judge Tanya Chutkan physically demonstrated her ‘exasperation’ with President Trump’s attorney during oral arguments at the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. on Friday, rolling her eyes and putting her face in her hands according to Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell.

Lowell was in the courtroom and described the judge’s demeanor in an interview with Katie Phang on MSNBC on Saturday.

The hearing was held for an emergency request by Special Counsel Jack Smith to limit what Trump can say about the case in public. Lowell said at times Chutkan appeared sympathetic to points made by Trump’s attorney John Lauro, but that she also grew “exasperated” as Lowell talked about the Biden administration going after Trump and emoted while on the bench.

Phang: “Quickly, Hugo before we go to a break. I wanted to ask you, tell us about body language. A lot of us cannot be there, right. We can’t be in court. There are no cameras in the court. What was kind of the body language between Judge Chutkan and Trump and his defense counsel?” (Note Trump did not appear at the Friday hearing.)

Lowell: “Yeah, I Think, you know, the judge was sympathetic to some of the Trump lawyers’, uh, kind of arguments, you know. They, they were making the case that, you know, being a defense lawyer is difficult, especially with a client like Trump and I think she kind of accepted that, she has a defense background herself. But at other times I think I think she kind of grew exasperated by all the discussions about politics, you know, at one point she kind of put her uh, her um, face in her hands, she kind of rolled her eyes when, you know, there was another discussion about, you know, the Biden Administration coming after Trump. Um, so I think, you know, I think Trump’s lawyer John Lauro picked up on that a little bit and he shifted course throughout the hearing, the hearing. So clearly that was something he thought was gonna be a loser and uh, changed tack.”

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