Russian Defense Minister: 66,000 Ukrainian Casualties Lost in Meat Grinder | The Gateway Pundit | by Richard Abelson

Photo: Ukrainian Ministry of Defense / Liberov


Ukraine lost more than 66,000 troops and over 7,600 heavy weapons since launching their counteroffensive in early June, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu claimed on Tuesday.

The Gateway Pundit had reported similar figures based on tallies of daily Russian Defense Ministry figures.

Western media seek to downplay the horrific bloodbath the monstrous Biden Regime has forced on young men and their families in the disastrous “Spring counteroffensive” with no air or artillery support. The Gateway Pundit is one of the only sources reporting on the Biden-sponsored disaster, that has cost taxpayers $114 billion and approximately 400,000 innocent Ukrainian lives.

“The Kiev regime, despite their huge losses, has been trying to conduct the so-called counter-offensive for the third month already. The armed forces of Ukraine did not achieve their goals on any part of the front line,” the minister told senior defense officials, adding that the Russian troops are active “along the entire line of contact,” Shoigu said on Tuesday.

Shoigu claimed Kiev is “desperately trying to demonstrate” at least some military success to the West to keep receiving military and financial support. “In an attempt to hide the failure of the offensive, Ukrainian militants attack civilian targets and pass them off as military victories,” Shoigu said.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence claims Russia has lost 265,680 men since the invasion began.

Ukraine’s Rada parliament is considering a bill to suspend draft deferments for 180,000 students over 30 years old. Ukraine has expanded the eligibility for the military draft to include chronically ill and handicapped males, including the mentally disturbed. Poland has started deporting Ukrainians that are eligible for the draft, as TGP reported.

A captured Ukrainian serviceman told his Russian captors he was called up for service with practically no training after military officers threatened him with criminal liability and prison if he refused, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed.

According to the prisoner, the training consisted of ‘firing one or two magazines at the firing range’, and only a few soldiers from his platoon were allowed to throw a grenade.

At the front, the Ukrainian fighters realized that they did not want to fight, nor did they know how, the POW allegedly said. Their commanders threatened and beat the recruits to force them to get into boats and cross the Dnepr River to Russian-held territory. “I had only two options – either to die or to surrender. I chose to surrender,” the POW said.

Ukrainian POW; photo: Russian Ministry of Defence