San Franscisco Storeowner Billed By City After Calling 911

A local San Francisco business owner was left with a medical bill after a call to a fire department Dec. 23, the San Francisco Standard reported.

Mustafa Damrawi, who runs a shop specializing in women’s attire and adult products called Hot Zone, claims that he was left with a $560 medical bill after he called 911. Damrawi called firefighters to put out a fire close to his door. The fire was put out quickly, but two months later, he was shocked to get a bill from the San Francisco Fire Department asking for payment for medical services, according to the San Francisco Standard.

He received a notice March 7 from the fire department. “This is your third notice,” the invoice read, the outlet stated. “Please respond immediately to avoid further collection activity.”

A sex shop owner is furious with the fire department for sending him a random medical bill after responding to a homeless encampment blaze outside his store.

— The San Francisco Standard (@sfstandard) March 21, 2024

The area, troubled by homelessness and drugs, has had twice as many fires from camps in the last five years. Damrawi’s shop, already dealing with vandalism and safety issues, has more problems now. “Am I supposed to just sit around watching the fire?” Damrawi said, the outlet reported. “This building is wood. It’s going to burn.” (RELATED: REPORT: Police Arrest Firefighter, Accuse Her Of Intentionally Setting Several Fires)

Following the store owner’s complaint, Department spokesperson Justin Schorr acknowledged the error and explained that someone treated during the incident wrongly used Damrawi’s business address as their home, the San Francisco Standard reported. The department promised to cancel the charge and stressed that people should report emergencies without worrying about unfair fines.

“We encourage anyone who believes they are witnessing a fire or medical emergency to call 911 immediately,” Schorr said in a statement, according to the San Francisco Standard. “This issue should be resolved as soon as the billing company is notified of our direction.”