Senator JD Vance Introduces “Freedom to Breathe Act” to Prevent Unsafe and Ineffective Mask Mandates – Will Force Democrats to Vote for More Mandates (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Senator JD Vance (R-OH) on Thursday wrote an op-ed at FOX News.

The freshman Ohio Senator will go to the Senate floor later today and request unanimous consent on his “Freedom to Breathe” act that bans the unsafe and ineffective government mask mandates. Senator JD Vance has called for the passage of legislation that would ban federal mask mandates in schools or on public transportation.

Democrats will likely vote no on the “Freedom to Breathe” Act.

According to sources, they are pushing to implement a new round of mask mandates.  Don’t be fooled, they are determined to control every aspect of your life.

Via the Senator JD Vance website:

By Senator JD Vance  |  September 7, 2023

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former chief medical advisor to the president, took to CNN this past weekend to sound the alarm. According to him, Covid cases are spiking, and the American people urgently need to mask up. Is anyone surprised?

Fauci and his cabal crave power over everything else. But if I have anything to say about it, they won’t ever have the authority to impose mask mandates or trample our freedoms again.

As we learned in the pandemic, public health bureaucrats will force compliance when the people won’t abide their recommendations. With the latest seasonal spike, they are back to their old ways.

Already public health experts and university officials are calling for masks to be reimposed. Businesses and universities are reinstating mask mandates. Even an elementary school is forcibly masking children in response to a few COVID-19 cases.

We all know how this goes. It starts with mask mandates, then social distancing, and then forced lockdowns to “slow the spread.” None of it works, but it costs us dearly. It robbed us of our basic freedoms and shattered our national unity amid a crisis. We cannot let it happen again.

Democrats insist they have no plans to mandate masking again. So, let’s hold them to their words and end the specter of COVID-19 tyranny for good. Today, I will go to the Senate floor to request unanimous consent on my “Freedom to Breathe Act.” That means if no one objects, the bill passes automatically. But if Senate Democrats block my legislation, they must be planning to reinstate mask mandates once again.

The bill is very simple. It prohibits government from forcing you to wear a mask on planes, on public transit, or in public schools for the next 15 months. It also blocks taxpayer dollars from being used to enforce a mask mandate.

Any reasonable Democrat should be willing to agree with this legislation. It’s narrowly targeted to non-healthcare sectors; hospitals and nursing homes will still be free to issue masking and public health guidelines as they handle seasonal spikes and viral mutations.

The bill also doesn’t prohibit voluntary masking. Individuals will be free to choose whether to wear a mask.

Those who oppose the bill may claim to “follow the science,” but they’d be wrong. With years of experience and experimental study, the effects of masking are clear. There is no robust high-quality evidence that masking slows the spread of respiratory infections like COVID-19. But it can lead to unhealthy levels of CO2 inhalation, jeopardize early childhood development, and exacerbate speech and language disorders. In most cases, a mask is nothing more than a false sense of protection.