SHOCKER: Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Prevents Removal of Elections Official Meagan Wolfe

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Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos is trying to keep corrupt Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe in office. 

Meagan Wolfe is a disgrace.  There is an inventory of incidents in the 2020 Election that were corrupt and fraudulent.  Wolfe oversaw the election.  Yet, Speaker Robin Vos won’t move forward the impeachment of Wolfe.  It appears that Vos wants to stall until the 2024 Election cycle arrives to prevent corrupt Meagan Wolfe from being replaced.

Wisconsin has been ground zero for several years with the highly questionable and unethical acts  born out in many court cases as follows:

The Wisconsin Senate Republicans voted 22-11 on September 14th to officially, legally and statutorily remove the Administrator of Elections whose term ended on June 30, 2023.

After the Senate vote, Wolfe refused to turn in her keys to the Office and promised to stay in place indefinitely despite being fired by the Wisconsin State Senate (click here – Meagan Wolfe won’t step down as Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator (

Attorney Josh Kaul immediately filed a lawsuit in judicial liberal friendly Dane County Circuit Court asking to keep the fired Administrator of Elections (Wolfe) in place indefinitely as the Administrator’s apparent personal attorney (click here – Kaul files suit seeking order keeping Wolfe as Elections Commission administrator – WisPolitics).

Senate Republican President Kapenga (R-Delafield) finally had enough of the apparent games being played by liberal progressive democrats that apparently have no regard whatsoever for the law.  The Democrats, with endless time, money and resources are holding up this process until after the 2024 election cycle in hopes of securing Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral College Votes.  The fired former Administrator of Elections is breaking the law every day by refusing to turn in the office keys per State Statute 13.127 (click here – Wisconsin Legislature: 13.127).

The Wisconsin Assembly under corrupt Speaker Robin Vos is refusing to impeach Wolfe. The AP is reporting:

The Republican leader of the Wisconsin Assembly said Thursday that he will not pursue impeachment for the presidential battleground state’s nonpartisan top elections official, despite calls from the Republican president of the state Senate to do so.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos told a WKOW-TV reporter that he will wait until a judge has determined whether the Republican-controlled Senate had the authority to vote last month to fire Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe before he takes any further steps to oust her.

Per a discussion with someone with knowledge of the situation, Speaker Vos apparently told his caucus that he needs 2/3 of the Assembly to impeach Wolfe but this is reportedly false.  There are reportedly 64 Republicans in the Assembly and Vos only needs 50 percent plus one – or 50 members to impeach Wolfe.

Vos wants to wait before impeaching Wolfe.  The problem is that the 2024 Election is around the corner and if she is not impeached soon, she will remain the Elections Director in the state for the 2024 Election.  Vos clearly knows this which is why he is delaying the impeachment vote. 

Vos, a “Republican” is not for the people in the state of Wisconsin.  He doesn’t give a damn about free and fair elections as he has shown since before the 2020 Election when he signed a secret agreement with Hillary Clinton’s attorney Marc Elias providing for drop boxes throughout the state.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled two years after the 2020 Election that drop boxes were unconstitutional.  Vos had no right to sign the agreement to provide for drop boxes in the state.

Senator Kapenga (R-Delafield) is asking all Wisconsin voters to immediately contact Speaker Vos (R-Rochester) and their State Representative (click here – 2023 Wisconsin State Representatives ) to ask them to sign on as Co-sponsors for the 15 Articles of Impeachment filed on September 22, 2023 (click here – (23-4453/1) (

Corrupt Meagan Wolfe should have been gone a long time ago.  Corrupt Robin Vos should go with her.

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