Small Town in Maryland Suspends Entire Police Force and Residents Have No Idea Why

The leaders of the small town of Ridgely, Maryland recently suspended its entire police force and to make matters worse, the people who live there have absolutely no idea why this happened.

So much for transparency in government.

This comes at a time when concerns about crime are at an all-time high.

The Associated Press reported:

A small town suspended its entire police force. Residents want to know why

A small town on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has suspended its entire police force pending the results of an investigation by state prosecutors, a largely unexplained decision that has left residents shocked, skeptical and on edge…

With the Ridgely Police Department temporarily defunct, other public safety agencies have agreed to fill the void. But residents of the historic town are concerned about response times should they need assistance. And they remain entirely in the dark about why their police department was shut down.

Laura Cline, a longtime Ridgely resident, said she’s frustrated with the lack of transparency from town leaders and law enforcement.

“What’s very concerning is that they didn’t communicate with us in an honest and open way,” Cline said. “Treat us with respect. We’re adults — thinking, rational adults who deserve the truth.”…

“It doesn’t add up,” said Gennie Woo, whose family has owned a general store in downtown Ridgely since 1983. “Everybody is skeptical about what happened. We just want to know how and why.”

This is simply bizarre.

The taxpayers of this community deserve to know what is going on here.

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