Sounds Racist: Fulton County Judge Emily Richardson Denies Bond to Harrison Floyd “Black Voices for Trump” Leader – Says He’s a “Flight Risk” *Please Donate Below* | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Fulton County Judge Emily Richardson

Judge Emily Richardson denied bond on Friday to Harrison Floyd, a “Black Voices for Trump” leader.

Harrison Floyd is THE ONLY defendant out of 19 still in jail tonight after Democrats arrested President Trump this week for speaking out against the stolen election.

Richardson won’t let him out of jail. He’s behind bars because he supports President Trump. So they’re going to teach him a lesson.

Judge Richardson won’t release Harrison because she says he’s a “flight risk.”
Harrison Floyd has little children at home. But he’s a flight risk!

Harrison Floyd, Marine veteran and leader of Black Voices for Trump.

It’s not even clear why Harrison Floyd was arrested. He was on a call with two associates who were speaking with Ruby Freeman. He wasn’t even in the room with them!

11 Alive reported:

Harrison Floyd, the lone defendant in the Georgia 2020 election RICO case still in custody at the Fulton County Jail, will remain there until he can have a full bond hearing after a judge denied bond in a first appearance Friday.

No arguments were heard for or against bond – that will be left to an as-yet-unscheduled full hearing before Judge Scott McAfee, who is overseeing the RICO case involving Floyd, Donald Trump and 17 other co-defendants.

But Judge Emily Richardson, in making an initial bond determination, determined Floyd would be a flight risk and a risk to commit additional felonies if out on bail.

UPDATE: Please donate to the legal defense fund for Harrison Floyd here.