‘TAXED TO DEATH’: Canada’s PM Trudeau Survives Vote of No Confidence in Parliament as Opposition Goes All-Out Against His Crippling ‘Carbon Tax’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is one of the ultimate political survivors in the west.

Leading a minority liberal government, and pushing his ‘flagship’ failed climate alarmist policies, his premiership has turned into one big fight for survival after another.

Yesterday (21), in his latest escape act, Trudeau’s Liberal government survived a no-confidence motion brought by the opposition Conservative Party over Canada’s carbon tax.

The ‘green’ tax will be a major issue in an election likely to be held next year.

The motion saw legislators vote against it by 204-116.

It was introduced by Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, who alleges ‘the tax imposes too great a cost on Canadians’.

The liberal federal Canadian government aims to cut emissions 40-45% below 2005 levels by 2030.

A key part of the Liberals’ climate plan is to keep increasing carbon pricing – on April 1 it is to rise to $59.13 per ton.

Reuters reported:

“Trudeau’s signature climate policy was introduced in 2019, but it has been opposed by most Canadian provinces. Last year, the government offered a three-year carbon tax exemption for home heating oil and higher carbon tax rebates for people in rural areas, to bring relief amid soaring costs of living.

The next federal election must be held by October 2025 and recent surveys of public opinion show the Conservatives will easily defeat the Liberals, who have been in office since November 2015.

‘Justin Trudeau has created the worst economic conditions since the great depression and Canadians have lost faith in his government’, the Conservative party said in a statement. ‘Only Common Sense Conservatives will axe the tax and bring home lower prices for everyone’, it added.”

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With a minority of seats in the House of Commons, Trudeau and his liberals have to rely on support from the smaller left-leaning New Democrats, who voted to back the government.

CBC reported:

“Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre urged MPs to back his motion to topple the government over its planned increase to the carbon tax.

In response, the Liberals painted Poilievre as a climate change denier intent on letting the planet burn while dismantling a tax-and-rebate program that pads people’s pockets with quarterly cheques that mostly offset the carbon levy.

If Poilievre’s motion had carried and a majority of MPs had voted no confidence in the government, this Parliament would have been dissolved and the country would be heading into an election.”

Tax hike will increase fuel prices, making oil, natural gas and propane and other fuels more expensive to encourage Canadians to choose ‘cleaner, greener sources’.

“The party’s deputy leader, Melissa Lantsman, said Trudeau is carrying out a ‘war on the middle class’.

‘The tax isn’t worth the cost and neither is this prime minister’, Lantsman said. ‘The Canadian people are tired of being taxed to death’.”




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