The Best Prime Day Kindle and Amazon Device Deals

Amazon’s branded shopping events—this one is technically called Prime Big Deal Days—are the best time to score a bargain on Amazon hardware, like Fire TV Sticks, Echos, Fire tablets, and the like. We’ve put a focus on Prime Day Kindle deals here, but have rounded up our other favorite Amazon hardware on sale too. 

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Kindle e-readers are hard to beat. They’re easy to use, they’re dependable, and they work as intended. They can hold thousands of books, and the battery lasts for weeks at a time. They can also make reading fun again. If you want to explore more options than those listed below, be sure to check out our Best Amazon Kindles guide.

Kindle Paperwhite

Photograph: Amazon

Last Prime Day, we saw the Kindle Paperwhite (8/10, WIRED Recommends), our favorite Kindle, dip to $95 ($55 off). That’s the lowest price we’ve tracked for it. It has all the features the average Kindle user could want. The battery lasts for weeks, there’s a warm backlight for easier nighttime reading, and recharging is handled via USB-C. You can get the Signature Edition, which boasts more storage, wireless charging, and auto-adjusting lighting, for $140 ($50 off).

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Kids Edition.

Photograph: Amazon

This is a similar price to what we saw during July’s Prime Day. This is the best kindle for kids. It’s waterproof and has adjustable warm lighting for reading at night. If your kid is really into the Warrior Cats books, there is a special edition just for them for $120 (a book about feral cat clans seems right up my alley TBH). The standard Kindle Kids is cheaper, currently discounted to $80 ($40 off). That one doesn’t get adjustable warm lighting or waterproofing but both this and the Paperwhite Kids come with a protective case, a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+—an age-appropriate content library with built-in parental controls—and a two-year no-questions-asked replacement guarantee. If your kid runs over their e-reader with a dirt bike or throws it out the window, Amazon will send you a new one. 


Photograph: Amazon

This is the smallest and cheapest Kindle and it dipped to $65 ($35 off) during July’s event. The 6-inch screen might be too little for some readers, but if you hate holding tablets with one hand, the smaller size could be a benefit and not a nuisance. Note that this Kindle is not waterproof, and the backlight doesn’t have warmth or automatic adjustment.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

Photograph: Amazon

If you like to take digital notes, the Kindle Scribe (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is the first of Amazon’s e-readers that lets you write on the enormous 10.2-inch screen like a regular notebook. However, if you want to write in the margins of books, you’ll have to settle for using sticky notes. That’s frustrating given that the point of spending this kind of money is to write on it. (Marking up books is better on the Kobo Elipsa.) This 16-gigabyte version comes with the basic pen, but you can upgrade to the premium pen—which has one end acting as an eraser and a programable shortcut button—as well as opt for 32 or 64 gigabytes. 

Kindle Oasis

Photograph: Amazon

The other Kindles are more affordable, so there’s no practical reason to spend the cash for the Oasis. But if you’re like me and love physical page-turn buttons, you may want to consider this one. We think it’s probably due for an update soon though. 

Kindle Bundle Deals

Amazon Echo Dot 

Photograph: Amazon

Amazon devices frequently go on sale, but this is an especially nice deal since it comes with a free smart plug that typically sells for about $20 on its own. It isn’t the same exact model, but a similar Kasa plug is the top pick in our guide to the Best Smart Plugs. The 5th-gen Echo Dot is one of our favorite Alexa speakers. You can use the included smart plug to do things like ask Alexa to turn off your box fan or turn on a lamp. If you’d prefer the version with a built-in LED clock, that one is discounted to $45 ($15 off), however, it was priced at $30 on Prime Day back in July. 

This is basically the same bundle as you get with the aforementioned Echo Dot deal. We think the Echo Dot is a better speaker, but the Echo Pop (7/10, WIRED Review) is arguably cuter. Either way, the price is right, especially with the included smart plug. This is $1 more than we saw on Prime Day in July 2023. 

Amazon Eero Pro 6E

Photograph: Eero

If you’re battling Wi-Fi dead zones in your house, you may need to add a mesh router to your setup. Eero’s Pro 6E (7/10, WIRED Recommends) makes this process as simple and hands-off as it can be, and each one covers 2,000 square feet. The brand’s subscription is pricey at $10 a month (the cheaper option was eliminated). You don’t have to subscribe for it to work, but there are nice features like parental controls. If you need more than one, a two-pack is currently discounted to $280 ($120 off) and a three-pack is $400 ($150 off).

Amazon Echo Show 8

Photograph: Amazon

Other Echo Show devices are also on sale, but the Echo Show 8 is our favorite. This product comes with a free trial of Alexa Together, an Amazon service that claims to help remove caregivers. It usually costs $20 per month. Set a reminder to cancel it if you aren’t interested in subsequent charges. You can also pay $2 more to get it bundled with a Philips Hue Smart Bulb.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Photograph: Amazon 

Amazon just released a new Fire TV Stick 4K and 4K Max, but this one isn’t old, so you shouldn’t notice much of a difference in the savings. Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices are solid, but it obviously traps you in Amazon’s ecosystem. If you don’t mind (or you are already fully entrenched), it’s a good deal.

Amazon Echo Buds

Photograph: Amazon

We haven’t tested these yet, but they’re the newer version of the pair that we recommend here. Amazon says the battery lasts up to six hours per charge. Alexa is built in, should you require on-the-go voice assistance. Find more recommendations in our guide to the Best Wireless Earbuds

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