‘The World Knows That I Didn’t Take the Vaccine’: Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Relentlessly Targeted by Socialist Lula, Is Indicted for Allegedly Falsifying His Vaxx Records | The Gateway Pundit | by Paul Serran

‘The World Knows That I Didn’t Take the Vaccine’: Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Relentlessly Targeted by Socialist Lula, Is Indicted for Allegedly Falsifying His Vaxx Records

In a series of moves eerily reminding us of the lawfare persecution in the US against President Donald Trump, former Brazilian President and conservative champion Jair Bolsonaro, relentlessly targeted by the new socialist regime, has now been indicted by Federal Police, accused of falsifying his COVID vaccination data.

Unvaxxed Jair Bolsonaro eating a slice of pizza standing up on a sidewalk in New York.

Bolsonaro told Reuters: “It’s a selective investigation. I’m calm, I don’t owe anything. The world knows that I didn’t take the vaccine.”

He is not wrong, since we remember him not vaxxed and not wearing a mask at the UN General Assembly, having pizza standing up in the sidewalk outside of a New York restaurant, exactly because of that.

Here’s the BBC talking about him.

In fact, for his criticism of the COVID vaxx and promotion of Ivermectin and other more effective treatments, Bolsonaro was vilified in the media and called by the leftards in Brazil ‘a genocidal mass murderer’.

Bu the fact is the current Lula da Silva government is floundering, and Lula’s popularity is declining in opinion polls, such Qaest, Ipec, Atlas companies, as well as Brazil’s largest poll provider Datafolha.

Rockstar treatment wherever he goes.

Lula bitterly complained in a ministerial meeting that he and his group ‘are losing the war of digital communication’.

So, the persecution of the immensely popular Bolsonaro, that gathers rock-star level crowds everywhere he goes, is of paramount importance top socialists like Lula and his allies of the rogue Brazilian Supreme Court.

Watch: here’s hom many people flooded São Paulo to support Bolsonaro in late February.

Associated Press reported:

“The federal police indictment released by the Supreme Court alleged that Bolsonaro and 16 others inserted false information into a public health database to make it appear as though the then-president, his 12-year-old daughter and several others in his circle had received the COVID-19 vaccine.

[…] Brazil’s prosecutor-general’s office will have the final say on whether to use the indictment to file charges against Bolsonaro at the Supreme Court. The case stems from one of several investigations targeting Bolsonaro, who governed from 2019 to 2022.

Bolsonaro lawyer Fábio Wajngarten called his client’s indictment “absurd” and said he did not have access to it.

‘When he was president, he was completely exonerated from showing any kind of certificate on his trips. This is a political persecution and an attempt to void the enormous political capital that has only grown’, Wajngarten said.”

Bolsonaro is even more popular now than he was during his successful term.

Police is accusing Bolsonaro and his aides of tampering with the health ministry’s in December 2022. Bolsonaro would have needed a certificate of vaccination to enter the US.

“If convicted for falsifying health data, the 68-year-old politician could spend up to 12 years behind bars or as little as two years, according to legal analyst Zilan Costa. The maximum jail time for a charge of criminal association is four years, he said.”

Brazil’s unhinged judiciary has already ruled Bolsonaro ineligible to run for office until 2030, on the grounds that ‘he abused his power’ during the highly controversial 2022 campaign.

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