“There’s Already Enough Evidence to Point to Joe Being the Ringleader – This Is Very Organized Criminal Activity” – Oversight Chair James Comer on Lou Dobbs Podcast Names Joe Biden as Biden Crime Family Leader (AUDIO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Oversight Chairman James Comer, for the first time told Lou Dobbs on Thursday that he believes Joe Biden himself is the ‘ringleader’ of the crime family.

Comer is also looking at RICO charges against the Biden Crime family – real RICO charges not the fake ones like the charges Fani Willis threw at President Trump.

Oversight Chairman James Comer: This is an investigation of Joe Biden and it’s getting closer and closer to Joe every day. I mean, I could make the argument that there’s already enough evidence to point to Joe being the ringleader of this, not just knowing, not just lying about it, but being the ring leader, Lou.

And when I said RICO – you look, this is organized. You don’t create 20 shell companies. You don’t have this mile array of transfers between shells that the banks quickly identified as money laundering. You don’t have an associate, someone that you were in business with to be part of the first wire transfer if you weren’t organized. And the way they used the pseudonyms they did to disguise that Joe Biden was in on the communications. The coordination between the Biden shady business schemes and the government, everything was organized. This is very organized criminal activity.

Here is James Comer’s interview with The Great Lou Dobbs from earlier today.