“They’re Not Going to Break My Spirit” – Proud Boy Dominic Pezzola Joins Jim Hoft in First Interview Since Sentencing and What He Said to the Kangaroo Court on Way Out the Door (AUDIO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Soulless DC Judge Timothy Kelly issued a 10-year prison sentence for Dominic Pezzola, an honorably discharged Marine Corp veteran for his “role in the Capitol riot” on Friday.

Dominic Pezzola broke a window on January 6. For that action and the madeup charges by the politicized court, he was sentenced to ten years in prison by Judge Kelly.

Kelly, a Trump-appointed judge, warned the court as the show trial was winding down that Pezzola was “the tip of the spear” during the Capitol riots. This was a complete lie based on zero evidence. But this type of baseless and exaggerated rhetoric is cheered in Washington DC circles.

The government sought 20 years for Pezzola. Kelly gave the young father and Marine 10 years in prison. The regime won again.

Despite spending most of over 2 years of his incarceration in a freezing cold 6 by 8-foot cell at the Alexandria Detention Center, Pezzola walked out of the courtroom to be shackled and transferred back to the DC Gulag with optimism and words of encouragement for his family.

Pezzola did nothing wrong. His entire incarceration and trial was based on government lies and an twisted DC jury both looking for blood. The America of our youth has vanished.

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On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft interviewed Dominic Pezzola in his first interview since his sentencing. This was also after the same demented judge, Tim Kelly, gave Proud Boys founder Enrique Tarrio 22 years for “his role” in the January 6 protests. Tarrio was not even in town that day. He did not attend the rally nor did the court prove he had any role in the violence that day. So far, they have refused to ask Ray Epps and others for that information.

Jim Hoft: Dominic Pezzola, thank you for calling. I was anxious to talk to you about your case. And of course, there was another ruling today, sentencing of Enrique Tarrio, a friend of yours… I do want to get your thoughts on that also. But how are you doing since the unjust sentencing came out against you?

Dominic Pezzola: Hey, Jim, how are you? Listen, you know, when Joe Bigg’s sentence came out, it was kind of a shock. None of us were really expecting that. But ever since then, it just highlights what a corrupt mess we’re dealing with right now. These judges are – all part of the same narrative that’s coming down from the Biden White House. They want to keep January 6 as a violent insurrection. That was planned because – they’re going to tie it all back to Trump because their main goal is not us, it’s to get Trump.

Enrique came back to in a good mood. We knew what was going to happen. We knew they were going to hit him over his twenty… So we’re at the point where now where we know this is never going to hold up. It’s never going to stick. There’s just no way. They’re not going to put people in jail for 22 years, weren’t even at the scene of the crime. It’s insane. And people need to understand that Biggs and Ethan got 17-18 years for putting their hands on a fence. I got ten years for breaking a window for a few hundred dollars with the damage. This isn’t the way things are supposed to work.

While Judge Kelly was handing down his sentences, he kept saying, “Look, my hands are tied. There’s nothing I can do about it. This is the way the law was written.” And it’s bullshit. These judges have the discretion to do whatever they want. The guy’s clearly underwater to advance the narrative, and that’s exactly what he’s doing. So right now, none of us really believe this is actually what we’re going to see. I think there’s a shift in the country that’s being largely underreported and it’s a lot bigger than anyone can even fathom.

Jim Hoft: I think that’s interesting what you said about Judge Kelly. He’s saying his hands are tied, and yet he doesn’t seem to be very upset about these rulings that he’s handing out as ridiculous and over the top as they are. And that’s an understatement. I mean, it’s a travesty of justice, what this man is doing. I don’t know how he sleeps at night…

Dominic Pezzola: Judge Kelly is a Mitch McConnell type. Republican RINO. He was appointed by Trump and then when January 6 happened, he went and scrubbed all of his social media that had any pictures of Trump or him with Trump or anything. So he’s one of those Republicans that was another anti-Trumper. And right now he’s doing everything he can to show his swamp rat friends just how against Trump he is. I think he might even have a small amount of shame he might feel because he was appointed by Trump and all his friends in DC are all liberals and leftists. So I think right now he’s just trying to make an example to show everyone, look, I’m against this man…

…I don’t think it could be stated enough that people aren’t happy. We’ve been conditioned to be manipulated by the propaganda and the media for so long, that everything we’re being told is a lie. And people really need to understand that, that we’re being lied to over and over constantly about everything from our own government. And it’s all a point just to keep our freedoms, keep taking our freedoms from us…

…They knew that if they had these trials, if something happened in DC, and they had these trials in DC. They would get the convictions they wanted. It all ties back to getting President Trump because they know that their very existence and this corruption won’t keep going on once he gets back in office.

Jim Hoft: I agree with you 100%… And unfortunately for you and your family, you’re caught in the middle of this and you’re just a pawn to these people. And I’m sure that’s how you feel. I think these people are so unfeeling that they don’t respect your life. They don’t respect my life. They don’t respect Trump’s life. They just have an agenda. That’s how it appears at this point.

Dominic Pezzola: They certainly don’t. It’s all about the agenda. It’s all about the narrative. It’s all about the deep state keeping soul power. I think this is all set up in the beginning. I mean, us (Proud Boys) and the Oath Keepers got the two worst judges because they knew that they would do whatever they had to to secure convictions. And it started from day one when they were seating jurors on our jury and every one of them saying we’re racist and white supremacists and Nazis and fascists. And then he asked them, well, can you put those feelings aside? Yeah, I think I can. And then they sit him on our jury. We’re never going to get a fair trial.

It’s all a show. And I like to look at it this way. If we don’t win and turn this around, then we’re all in trouble. It’s not just me and my friends and everyone in here. So the country has two choices right now. It’s either we take back control and kick these funds out and go back to a constitutional republic like we were supposed to be, or this country is going to fall and then we’re all going to be in a serious mess.

…I deeply believe it’s not going to last. I think Trump is coming back one way or another. That’s why I raised my fist in the court the other day, and I said, “Trump won.” You all know it because he did win. There’s no way Joe Biden won that election… You’ll never hear me believe it. The guy (Biden) is a shell of a human being. And I guess they were saying — He can’t even sell any copies of that book. But we’re supposed to believe this is the guy that got 84, 81 million votes?

Jim Hoft: when you left the court, they just sentenced you to ten years, and you left the court with your hand up and your fist pumps saying Trump won. What was going through your head at that time?

Dominic Pezzola: When we were there and the prosecution was doing their little speech – about how I’m the worst person on the face of the planet, I leaned into my lawyer, Steve, and just told him, all this is doing is pissing me off. Whatever happened on that day, it was regrettable on multiple different levels. I’ve never believed that Trump didn’t win, and I will not believe that he didn’t win. There’s just too much evidence for the contrary, and I don’t think anyone voted for this mess that we’re in right now…

…I looked right at the prosecution and said, “Trump won. You all know it.” And it’s just my way of showing them that I don’t care what they do, they’re not going to break my spirit. It’s not going to happen, because this is bigger than us.

Here is our interview with Dominic Pezzola.

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