Trans Muslim Woman Demands Ex-Lover Return Amputated Testicles from His Refrigerator | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Brianna Kingsley, a trans Muslim woman, holds up her balls in a bag following surgery.

A Michigan trans Muslim woman is suing her former boyfriend to retrieve her balls that are sitting in his refrigerator.

Brianna Kingsley says William Wojciechowski is holding her testicles and won’t let them go.

She wants her balls back. reported:

A Michigan man who identifies as a Muslim woman has filed a legal claim to retrieve his amputated testicles from his ex-boyfriend’s refrigerator.

“Defendant retains possession of my surgically extracted testicles, preserved in [a] Mason jar, kept in [the] fridge next to the eggs. Demand immediate return of my human remains specimen and damages of $6,500,” 40-year-old Brianna Kingsley wrote in an affidavit against 37-year-old William Wojciechowski, according to a report by Reduxx.

In April, Kingsley posted a TikTok video titled “The Unboxing of Dee’s Nutz,” which showed him clad in a lace veil and a pink dress, removing a clear bag with a biohazard label.

The video was captioned, “Transgender woman unboxes her surgically extracted lady balls that was [sic] packaged by the Hospital that performed her gender-affirming bottom surgery.”

In the video, Kingsley held up the bag reportedly containing his testicles, then returned them to the box before performing a curtsy.