Transgender Activists Attempt To Dox One Of Author J.K. Rowling’s Children, Target Innocent Mother Instead

J.K. Rowling has long been a target of extreme hate and frequent death threats from trans activists and the woke mob for her unwavering belief that men cannot become women.

The Gateway Pundit has reported on the transgender community and their allies directing their rage against Rowling for the sin of expressing her personal opinions on transgender issues.

She took a public stand supporting researcher Maya Forstater after Forstater was let go from her job for making comments labeled as “transphobic.”  Social Justice Warriors branded Rowling a “TERF,” which stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” for doing so.
She triggered the SJWs again for daring to “misgender” the person behind a Twitter account allegedly tied to Luis Morales, also known as Synthia China Blast, convicted of murdering a 13-year-old child in a racist gang attack.

The latest abuse against her comes from a Harry Potter fan account that attempted to dox one of her children.

Except it wasn’t one of her children.  It was an innocent mother with young children and no affiliation with Rowling.

Bounding into Comics reports:

The account in question goes by the name of Wizarding News™(@wizardingnews) and is a LGBTQIA+ activist account that has made it its mission to “reporting on the demise of JK Rowling’s legacy.”

Highlighting that @wizardingnews had her blocked on X, Rowling asked her followers to revoke the claims made by the Harry Potter fan account, which read, “Reminder that JK Rowling’s eldest daughter (the one with whom she was famously pregnant while writing Harry Potter) changed her last name to literally get away from Rowling, and moved to Portugal.”

Rowling then requested, “Could somebody who isn’t blocked by this account tell them this is untrue in all respects, as I suspect they already know,” adding, “Lying about my kids is a new low, even by this website’s subterranean standards.”

The account then shared,“Did you Know? JK Rowling is a grandmother. Have any of you ever seen her talk about grandchildren?”

Rowling responded, “Again, completely false, @wizardingnews. I have no grandchildren. What are you gaining by posting these lies?”

Rowling added, “You’re painting a target on people who have no connection with me, who aren’t my relatives.”

“You surely know what you’re doing, but persist. Hate me all you like, but your actions are having real world consequences for people I don’t even know.”

Rowling put the perpetrators on notice.

“This is not a joke. The baby and its mother have no connection with me, @wizardingnews. That isn’t my daughter. Your vendetta against me is causing collateral damage to innocent people.”

“If legal action is the only way to protect them, I will take it.”

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