Trump’s tower defense: Donald pleads with ‘patriot’ supporters to help him save assets from Letitia James – Washington Examiner

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign is asking 1 million of his supporters to save Trump Tower from being seized to secure a $454 million bond in his New York civil fraud case.

If Trump cannot secure his total bond amount, state prosecutors can start seizing some of his assets. In a Wednesday message, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s campaign asked for donations to protect Trump Tower in New York City from being seized by Letitia James, the state attorney general.

“KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF TRUMP TOWER,” the message said. “Insane radical Democrat AG Letitia James wants to SEIZE my properties in New York. THIS INCLUDES THE ICONIC TRUMP TOWER!”

According to a Reuters report, the message was sent by a joint fundraising committee that allocates donations to Trump’s 2024 campaign and to a separate political committee that pays for Trump’s legal bills.

The message had prompts that asked supporters to donate specific amounts of money and accused James of being a part of a larger effort alongside President Joe Biden to take down the former president’s campaign.

“So before the day is over, I’m calling on ONE MILLION Pro-Trump patriots to chip in and say: STOP THE WITCH HUNT AGAINST PRESIDENT TRUMP!” the message said.

While federal law prohibits using campaign money to pay for personal expenses, Trump has been able to use some donor money to pay for legal expenses, as he claims his legal troubles are campaign-related.

Trump was ordered to pay the nearly half-billion dollar bond after the New York State Supreme Court found him liable for inflating his real estate assets and net worth to receive better terms from lenders.

On Monday, Trump’s lawyers said 30 companies had rejected his request for a bond to cover the judgment, claiming securing that amount of cash was a “practical impossibility.”


“Despite scouring the market,” the filing read, “we have been unsuccessful in our effort to obtain a bond for the Judgment Amount for Defendants for the simple reason that obtaining an appeal bond for $464 million is a practical impossibility under the circumstances presented.”

James has indicated she will take steps to seize his assets.