Tucker Carlson Announces Tonight’s Interview with President Trump – Takes a Swipe at his Former Employer FOX News (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Tucker Carlson released a tweet moments ago announcing his interview tonight with President Donald Trump.

The former FOX News host took a shot at his former employer in his announcement.

Tucker Carlson: On Sunday, Donald Trump announced that he will not participate in tonight’s Republican candidates debate hosted by Fox News in Milwaukee. Whatever you think of Trump, he is, as of tonight, the indisputable, far-and-away frontrunner in the Republican race. We think voters have an interest in hearing what he thinks. So when Trump approached us about having a conversation for a far larger audience than he’d receive on cable news, we happened accepted. That interview will air tonight in this space at 855. We hope you’ll watch.

President announced on Wednesday morning that his interview with former FOX News host Tucker Carlson will air tonight on Twitter starting at 9:00 PM Eastern.

The interview will coincide with the first GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

President Trump opted out of the debate knowing FOX News hosts and the rest of the GOP challengers were waiting to hit him with a barrage of attacks.

This move was CLASSIC Trump.

As reported earlier – President Trump will skip the first Republican primary debate and sit down for an online Twitter interview with Tucker Carlson instead.

The Republican debate will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin tonight and will be hosted by Fox News. FOX News is furious that Trump is skipping their debate. The anti-Trump channel went so far as to ban his surrogates from the media room following the debate.

Trump said he won’t participate in the debates because his poll numbers are “extraordinary.”

“Reagan didn’t do it, and neither did others,” Trump said of his decision to skip the primary debates.

President Trump is 50 points ahead of his closest challenger. The GOP field has thus far failed to impress Republican voters.