UK ROYAL SECURITY SCANDAL: Hospital Staff in Posh London Clinic Attempted to Access Princess Kate Middleton’s Private Medical Records

While it’s an incredibly privileged position under most aspects, we are once again reminded that it is not an easy thing to be Princess of Wales.

In the middle of a tabloid storm, Kate Middleton can’t even coalesce from her mysterious surgery without having to deal daily with all sorts of reports.

Now, it arises that the hospital where the Princess was treated is involved in a huge security scandal: staff reportedly attempted to access her private medical records.

And it’s not just any facility: opened in 1932, the London Clinic is the place where King Charles also underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate at the hospital earlier this year.

The clinic opened an internal investigation after it was claimed that ‘at least one member of staff’ tried to access the royal’s notes.

A hospital insider called it ‘a major security breach’ and ‘incredibly damaging for the hospital’.

Daily Mail reported:

“Senior hospital bosses contacted Kensington Palace immediately after the incident was brought to their attention and assured the palace there would be a full investigation.

‘The whole medical staff have been left utterly shocked and distraught over the allegations and were very hurt that a trusted colleague could have allegedly been responsible for such a breach of trust and ethics’.”

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In the UK it is a criminal offense for healthcare staff to access the medical records of a patient ‘without the consent of the medical provider’s data controller’.

London clinic: “All our patients, no matter their status, deserve total privacy and confidentiality regarding their medical information”.

It’s unclear whether any staff had been suspended pending the investigation.

“The probe comes amid a tsunami of speculation being made on social media about the Princess’ unknown health condition, that Kensington Palace said would see her out of action until after Easter.

Baseless and hurtful conspiracy theories spread about her online included that she is dead, has been replaced by a body double or the Wales’ marriage is in trouble.”

Of course the heavily edited picture she posted on Mothers’ day was not helpful at all, especially since she was not wearing her wedding ring in the photograph.

Kensington Palace has previously said her operation was not cancer-related and that ‘the Princess wished her personal medical information to remain private’.

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