US Dept. of Defense to Detect “Disinformation” with The Help of AI – Will Crack Down on Conservatives in Social Media Despite Current Lawsuits | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

When the regime says “disinformation” they mean only one thing – conservative speech.

The US Department of Defense recently announced that they will start using AI to detect “disinformation threats” on social media and snuff it out.

We all know that this means “conservative speech” and anything that goes against the latest regime lies and propaganda.

This has been going on for years now.

Confirmed: Department of Defense Paid Far-Left Newsguard $749,387 to Continue to Censor The Gateway Pundit and Conservative Media

And we all know this only goes in one direction. When 51 top intelligence officials lied to the American public and said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation – The Department of Defense and AI did not jump in to correct these liars. This obvious lie that was meant to hurt the Trump Campaign was left unchallenged by government operatives. So some lies will never be challenged by the US Department of Defense and their AI programs.

Apparently, the ongoing lawsuit against the Biden regime and the government censorship complex means nothing to these people.

In July in the States of Missouri and Louisiana, Jim Hoft, et al v. Biden, et al, a federal judge has ordered the President and his agents to stop censoring Americans while the case is pending.

BREAKING: Independence Day Victory for Free Speech – Trump-Appointed Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Prohibiting DHS, FBI, DOJ, and Other Agencies from Colluding with Big Tech to Censor Americans in MO v. Biden Case – with Gateway Pundit as Lead Plaintiff!

Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft is a co-plaintiff in this suit because he and Gateway Pundit have been a victim of the federal government’s multiyear big tech censorship campaign.

In handing down his order – literally, handed down on the Fourth of July – Trump-appointed, courageous, federal judge Terry A. Doughty (see order here pdf) sent a very direct and powerful message to the US Government: STOP CENSORING AMERICANS THE FIRST AMENDMENT MATTERS. This landmark Order granting plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary injunction, gives Americans their first amendment social media rights back on U.S. Independence Day. It is truly one of the most extraordinary victories in the history of First Amendment jurisprudence.

This injunction specifically orders the government to stop censoring Americans, ordering the feds to STOP:

** Pressuring social media companies to remove content they dislike
** Flagging content for censorship to social media companies
** Urging social media companies to change their Terms of Service to further censor Americans
** Communicating with social media companies to censor American’s free speech on politics
** Working with third-party groups to censor American’s free speech
** Threatening social media companies to force them to censor
** Taking any action that would suppress American’s free speech about politics
** Following-up with social media companies about past demands to censor specific Americans’ civil speech
** Demanding reports, statstics, and surveys about the ongoing suppression of American’s free speech on social media platforms
** Notifying social media companies about users, terms, topics that the government doesn’t want too much thinking, talking, or discussion about.

What this courageous judge is admitting is that these things were happening before, chronically, by the Biden administration and even before Biden took office, as well.

The Gateway Pundit is a Plaintiff in this litigation. The Gateway Pundit General Counsel John Burns had this to say about the ongoing litigation:

“This case isn’t just about some small part of the First Amendment, this case IS the First Amendment. If Biden gets away with arbitrarily censoring American’s political speech, sometimes at the direction of foreign governments, then our constitutional rights are meaningless.”

The U.S. government has been regularly and chronically suppressing the political speech of its citizens in flagrant violation of the First Amendment. Because of the discovery and depositions in this case, these facts are now admitted by the FBI’s Agent Elvis Chan, war criminal Anthony Fauci, and even members of the State Department.

The Missouri v. Biden case is revealing that the Biden administration’s failed attempt to set up ‘disinformation’ offices in every federal agency was, in reality, a coordinated effort to silence and suppress civil liberties and public discourse permanently.

Judge Doughty showed remarkable courage in issuing this Order. This may be a sign that the normal deference federal judges have for federal power might not be something DOJ can take for granted in this ongoing case. In issuing this landmark Order on the Fourth of July Judge Doughty’s actions make clear in no uncertain terms that he believes the Constitution matters, and that the Freedom of Speech enshrined in the First Amendment, matters – even if our federal overlord tyrants and China Joe do not.

On July 5th, the Department of Justice filed a notice that they intended to appeal Judge Doughty’s decision. If the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals aims to follow the Constitution, then the feds will lose – and lose…bigly.

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