Victor Reacts: 12-Year-Old Kicked Out of Class Over Gadsden Flag (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Victor Nieves

As the Gateway Pundit reported, A Colorado school came up with ridiculous excuses to remove a 12-year-old student from class Monday for having the patriotic Gadsden flag patch.

Connor Boyack, the President of Libertas, revealed that the Vanguard School in Colorado Springs told 12-year-old Jaiden (last name withheld) that he had to remove the flag because it has “origins with slavery” and was “disruptive to the classroom environment.” When he refused, the child was dismissed.

“Meet 12yo Jaiden who was kicked out of class yesterday in Colorado Springs for having a Gadsden flag patch, which the school claims has “origins with slavery. The school’s director said via email that the patch was “disruptive to the classroom environment,” Boyack wrote.

Apparently it is just fine for our public schools to be filled with LGBTQ pride propaganda, but children are not allowed to have symbols of our nation’s founding. Kudos to this young man for standing up for himself and maintaining the fighting spirit that this nation was built upon.

“Rebellion to tyrants, is obedience to God” – Benjamin Franklin.

See the video of the interaction between the young man, his parent, and school staff.