Victor Reacts: Department of Injustice Prosecutors Attempt to Jail Owen Shroyer for 120 Days Over J6 – He Never Went Inside the Building! (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Victor Nieves

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, “Today DOJ prosecutors sought 120 days of prison time for Owen. They want him prosecuted for speech crimes.”

Infowars Host Owen Shroyer pleaded guilty in June to a single Class A Misdemeanor of Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds on January 6, 2021.

The highly talented journalist was initially charged in August 2021 — eight months after remaining outside the US Capitol on January 6.

After nearly two years of fighting charges related to his presence outside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 Owen made the decision to plead guilty to a lesser charge.

Shroyer allowed the government to review his social media accounts — likely looking for any scrap of incriminating wrong-think they could find.

Owen stood outside the US Capitol. Owen and Alex Jones warned people about going inside the Capitol. They knew it was a setup. Instead of being awarded medals for their actions that day, the regime arrested Owen months later on bogus charges. After all, he IS a Trump supporter.