Victor Reacts: Radical Support for Late-Term Abortion With NO Restrictions? ACOG Admits the Truth (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Victor Nieves

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, top leaders of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and Society of Family Planning wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post calling for “honesty” in the abortion debate.

The abortionists have been fighting against honesty for years, hiding their true agenda behind feel good slogans and lies. Now it seems they are turning over a new leaf and telling the public how they really feel.

Christopher M. Zahn, Interim Chief Executive of ACOG, and Jenni Villavicencio, Interim Director of Advocacy and Public Affairs for the Society of Family Planning, stated that abortions “must be available without restrictions, without limitations and without barriers.” That means abortion on demand up until the very moment of birth. 

Unique and innocent fully formed children, entirely viable outside of the womb, could be ripped apart without so much as a second thought.

This radical support for late term-abortion has been denied on countless occasions by high ranking members of the Democratic party. The vast majority of Americans understand that there is something deeply sickening about advocating for these late-term surgical abortions.

If they want honesty, they will have to face the reality that abortion kills a precious child and leaves a wake of destruction for everyone involved.