Virginia Family Pulls Teen From High School After They Told Him to Take Down Mounted American Flags On His Truck (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by David Greyson

High school senior Christopher Hartless quits school because administrators told him to remove the mounted American Flags from his truck. He refused because it clearly violated his First Amendment rights.

ABC 13:

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WSET) — A Bedford County family is pulling their son out of Staunton River High School after they say the school told him to remove the American flags he mounted on his truck.

Student Christopher Hartless said he is just exercising his First Amendment right to fly the American flag by displaying it on his car.

“My family fought for America and I feel like I should be able to represent the flag that they fought for,” Hartless said.

The school system says though, large flags or banners on cars are not allowed for safety reasons.

Christina Kingery said last Wednesday her stepson, Hartless who is a senior, went to school with American flags mounted on his truck.

“Christopher Hartless said he is just exercising his First Amendment Rights by flying this flag.”
Hartless: “I don’t understand it’s a distraction if they have one on the flagpole for every other student to see.”

“Hartless refused to take the flags down. The school also revoked his parking pass.”


ABC 13 reached out to the school for an interview but no one was available to no surprise.

Christopher’s stepmom said he would be homeschooled since the school revoked his parking permit and would not let him fly his American flags. She also said she would possibly put him back in school if they changed their policy.