WarRoom: TGP’s Hoft and Reporter Discuss Voter Fraud Details After Visit to Muskegon (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Ben Wetmore

On Tuesday, TGP publisher Jim Hoft and reporter Ben Wetmore appeared on Steve Bannon’s hit program THE WAR ROOM to discuss the unfolding story of chronic, systemic voter fraud that America is learning about after three years of denials and cover-up.

Learn how the cover-up is coming from the very top: Biden’s Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Watch Hoft and Wetmore on WARROOM below to learn how the left-wing lying narrative about the 2020 election is unfolding and falling apart. Host Natalie Winters walks us through the story that threatens to unroll the elite left’s crimes from 2020.

The Muskegon City Clerk and Muskegon City Police confirm to the Gateway Pundit that our reporting is accurate and that the stonewalling is coming from Washington.

One honest Muskegon City clerk and one honest Muskegon Police Force took the time to investigate the 2020 election and they stumbled across a major ballot harvesting operation that was pretending to register voters when, in actuality, it was fraudulently submitting voter registration applications to the tune of 10,000 in a single day for a city that had no more than 25,000 total voters.

The program features TGP Publisher Jim Hoft and TGP Reporter Benjamin Wetmore, and our reporting has also heavily relied on the work of Patty McMurray as well.

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