WATCH: Hunter’s Ex-Business Partner Tony Bobulinski Turns the Tables and Humiliates AOC After She Asks a Gotcha Question Regarding Joe Biden

Credit: @BennyJohnson

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) had a meltdown in the House of Representatives after Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski turned the tables on her, providing comic relief to the proceedings.

As Jim Hoft reported earlier, The House Oversight Committee is holding its second hearing today as part of its impeachment inquiry into White House occupant Joe Biden.

Earlier, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) was caught on camera pouting like a baby while Bobulinski read him and Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) the riot act for lying on behalf of the Biden Crime Family.

AOC fared no better after trying to take Bobulinski on. The New York Congresswoman started by asking Bobulinski a gotcha question regarding the crimes he saw Joe Biden commit and tried to cut him off at various points. Her sole purpose was to humiliate him rather than obtain actual information.

But she ended up embarrassed instead. After Bobulinski finally managed to detail Biden’s crimes over her rude interruptions, AOC could not comprehend what he was saying (she doesn’t even know what RICO is!) and repeatedly asked him the same question. The humiliated congresswoman then cut him off entirely and went into a shouting meltdown.


AOC: Is it your testimony today that you personally witnessed President Joe Biden commit a crime?

Bobulinski: I believe the fact he was sitting with me while I put together…

AOC (raising her voice): Did you witness the President committing a crime? Is it your testimony today?

Bobulinski: Yes.

AOC: What crime have you witnessed?

Bobulinski: How much time do I have to go through it?

AOC: It’s very simple: you name the crime! Did you watch him steal something?

Bobulinski: Corruption statutes, RICO statutes…

AOC (interruption): What is it? What is the crime, sir?

Bobulinski: You asked the question, I answered the question. RICO, which you’re obviously not familiar with, FARA…

AOC: Excuse me, sir! Excuse me, sir! RICO is not a crime; it is a category!

Bobulinski: It’s the category of crimes you are then charged with…

AOC: You have charges; please name the crime!

Bobulinski: You want me to name the charges under RICO? It’s funny, in this committee room there’s over (unintelligible) lawyers…

AOC: I reclaim my time!.. What we are seeing here today is a continuation of the 15-month saga of the Republican majority lost in the desert!

Impeachment 101, the majority party must accuse the President of a specific high crime and misdemeanor…This resolution does not outline a high crime or misdemeanor!

AOC goes on for the next three minutes, shouting and attempting to gaslight the audience. She pretends the entire inquiry is based on a lie and there’s no actual crime.

“Why is this committee proceeding based on false charges!” she yells.

The real question is not whether the charges are false (they’re true) but why the House has failed to impeach Joe Biden when his crimes are out in the open.

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