WATCH: Kari Lake WRECKS Katie Hobbs and Other Corrupt Officials Who Colluded With Twitter to Interfere in Midterm Election During AZ House Hearing on Big Tech Election Interference | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

Katie Hobbs (left), Kari Lake (right)

Arizona’s rightful Governor, Kari Lake, spoke out urging Arizona legislators to take immediate action against election interference on Tuesday at the Arizona House Committee on Oversight, Accountability, and Big Tech hearing.

The Ad Hoc Committee was formed to investigate treasonous government officials and their involvement with big tech companies to suppress Arizonans and interfere with elections.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, The committee held a hearing aimed at “protect[ing] Arizonans’ constitutional rights, including their rights to free speech guaranteed by the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions.”

This comes after it was reported that Katie Hobbs was colluding with Twitter to censor critics and election information in the days following the stolen 2020 election. The evidence of this comes from the Missouri v. Biden case, where the Legendary Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft is a key plaintiff.

Hobbs used her government email to ask far-left Twitter to shut her critics up over a 2017 tweet, where she called Trump supporters “neo nazis,” and other tweets related to elections as she prepared to run for Governor. This helped Katie Hobbs rig the election under the guise of combatting so-called disinformation or speech she didn’t like.

AZ House Committee on Oversight, Accountability, and Big Tech Will Hold Hearing to Examine Katie Hobbs’ Election Interference Through Twitter

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer was also caught colluding with federal agencies like CISA to censor The Gateway Pundit’s reporting on Maricopa County elections and others for criticizing elections.

Dr. Robert Epstein and James Kerwin gave expert testimony during the hearing about big tech’s influence on elections across the country and what government officials can do about it. Google and other tech companies have manipulated elections for years with biased search algorithms, content promotion, and deplatforming of conservative voices. Government officials are also exploiting this power and bias to manipulate elections.

Kari Lake later gave an outstanding speech on the importance of election integrity and our duty to uphold the Constitution.

Lake called the current situation in the United States “a fast-track toward globalism, and frankly, Marxism.”

She isn’t wrong. Under Joe Biden and his handlers following the stolen 2020 election, millions have illegally crossed the southern border to be transported across the country and receive free food, clothing, and shelter.

America’s economy has crashed, and a majority of Americans are now living paycheck-to-paycheck.

The Biden Regime and radical left prosecutors are indicting the leading candidate for President in 2024 in an attempt to jail him before the election.

This all started with the COVID-19 hoax and the stolen 2020 election.

Lake is still fighting her lawsuit against Maricopa County’s rigged midterm election. As The Gateway Pundit recently reported, Lake’s lawsuit to obtain public record evidence of fraudulent mail-in ballot signatures from Maricopa County is going to trial on September 21 and 25. Lake’s attorneys are expected to file an appeal to the dismissal of her election challenge and fight it all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary.

Watch Lake speak to the Committee about her stolen election where 60% of voting machines failed Election Day voters that were heavily Republican and urge them to take action to protect free speech below:

Lake: Big tech does not have the interests of the American people at heart. As a matter of fact, they are trying to destroy America through censorship. And I think it was absolutely alarming what Dr. Epstein reported how Google’s censorship, the manipulation of search results manipulate the outcome of elections.

Google has a much bigger ability to decide who is running our country, running our states, running our cities than We The People do. I would challenge each and every one of you to think back to 247 years ago when our Founding Fathers fought for the ability for the people of this country to choose their destiny, to choose their leaders, to choose their representation. They fought against the most well-known globalist, the most powerful globalist of their time, King George, and now we find ourselves in a situation where we are on a fast track toward globalism and, frankly, Marxism. And you have the ability to do something to change that.

During the midterm elections, then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and current Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer collaborated with big tech, collaborated with them to censor the people of Arizona, myself included. And I know that because I was putting out information back in 2020 about the Sharpies that were being handed out that bled right through the ballots. And we saw one of your experts today testify that Katie Hobbs’ office actually was trying to find a way to just mass censor anybody who brought up Sharpies.

These people are sitting at the top of our government, and we know, frankly, that at least one of them doesn’t belong there. And I think everybody in this room knows that the election of 2022 was a fraudulent election, and it was sabotaged by some of the people who are running our election. What I really wanted to know was, since Google is tracking us with 200 Plus apps, I believe that’s what your experts said. They’re tracking everything we do. They know what we want before we want it. And if we don’t want what they’re pushing, they’ll find a way to make us want what they’re pushing. They know who was showing up on election day.

What I would really like to know from them is how many Arizonans got out of line because of the sabotage of Election Day, where 60%, roughly, of voting polling locations had equipment that didn’t work, and lines were two, and three, and four, and five, six hours. How many Arizonans just walked out of line because they had children to pick up, perhaps at school, or Little League practice to make, or they had to get home and make dinner for their families? They have that data it’s out there. A lot of people were not able to vote because of the way our elections were run. So, we have fraud being pushed on the people. Our elections are theater. We have Google having more power than any entity in the world when it comes to choosing our leaders here in America. And that’s not how this country was set up.

Look, I would accept the results in a fair and square election any day. And if the tables were turned, and I found out that elections were being run this way, and the Republicans were winning them this way, if I found out that Google was giving an assist like this, where 6 million votes were going to the Republicans over the Democrats, I would be the first one standing here saying, “dammit, we got to stop this. This is not right.” You have the ability to do something. And I ask that each and every one of you, no matter if you have a D or an R and I or whatever behind your name, will remember the oath you took to protect and uphold the United States Constitution because it is hanging by a thread right now. And we don’t have much time on the clock. It’s not about me, it never has been.

I ran when the people of Arizona asked me to run, and what I’ve seen in our elections is appalling. It’s not comfortable to be in the middle of a fight to secure and reform elections. But here I am, and God’s placed me here and I’m willing to take up this battle. But I ask that you join me and you join the people of Arizona who have no faith in their elections, because our elections are merely theater, to make us think we’re choosing our elected officials, when in fact, we’re not. And I believe that what our experts showed today should be alarming to you, and I hope that it sets a little fire under each and every one of you to do something.

Take every power you have to do something to thwart big tech from being able to influence our elections, and for goodness sake, being able to influence the minds of our children. What they’re doing to our children to indoctrinate them almost makes what’s happening at our schools look like child’s play. So I thank you so much. for pulling this together today, and I ask that you use the power that you have to do something to help save this Republic.