Witness For Fani Willis’ Office Admits To Being ‘So High’ While Testifying: ‘About To Go To Sleep’

Adrian Bean, a witness for Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis’s office in a trial of a rapper, admitted in court Tuesday that he was “so high” and “about to go to sleep,” Newsweek reported.

Bean was allegedly the getaway driver for the rapper Jeffrey Williams, whose stage name is Young Thug, and other defendants in an armed robbery, a shooting and a car chase in September 2013, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Trump, Co-Defendants Request Review Of Decision Not To Disqualify Fani Willis From Georgia Case)

Willis’s office indicted Williams in May 2022 on RICO charges and alleged that the rapper was an important affiliate of Young Slime Life (YSL), an Atlanta street gang with ties to the Bloods, the outlet reported.

A video clip by the Law & Crime Network captured the hilarious moment in Bean’s testimony.

While under cross-examination on Tuesday, alleged getaway driver #AdrianBean asked the court for some water, stating that he is high and getting sleepy during the YSL RICO trial. Bean has been on stand for several days, claiming he “doesn’t know” anything that happened in a… pic.twitter.com/Fo0dMZqB4g

— Law&Crime Network (@LawCrimeNetwork) March 19, 2024

“I’m so high right now, y’all, I’m about to go to sleep on y’all now. I am,” Bean could be heard saying after he asked for a glass of water during cross-examination. Water was provided to Bean, who drank it.

Bean has not yet offered any compelling testimony during the course of the trial, according to Law & Crime Network, as he explained last month that his memory was affected by his drug habits. The defense claimed that police forced Bean’s testimony to be altered in an effort to implicate their client and they played audio of Bean in a meeting in January 2023 where he appeared to suggest that Williams was not present in the car during the shooting, the outlet noted.

“Young Thug was not in the car with us that day. I don’t even know how his name really got mentioned. Maybe there was a lot of hype in the streets,” Bean reportedly said in the audio.

Willis’s office has cited Williams’s song lyrics, social media posts and clothing as evidence of a racketeering conspiracy with the YSL, Vulture reported. Even the name of Williams’s record label company — YSL Records — was proffered as evidence, the outlet noted. Williams’s attorneys argue that the YSL in his company name stands for Young Stoner Life, Newsweek reported. Brian Steel, an attorney for the rapper, also argued in court back in November that the “Thug” in Young Thug stood for “Truly Humbled Under God” and maintained that his client was not involved in criminal activity.