Biden’s Official Twitter Account Photoshops President To Look Younger

Democrat influencers were recently caught photoshopping pictures of President Biden to make him appear younger. Now, President Biden’s own Twitter account has adopted the same strategy.

View Source | September 6, 2023 8:08 pm

  • On Wednesday afternoon, Biden’s campaign account, @JoeBiden, tweeted two images of Donald Trump and Joe Biden side-by-side. The tweet displayed an unflattering picture of Donald Trump at a golf course, next to a bright, confident image of Biden departing Air Force One.
  • The tweet, with its side-by-side images, presented a striking contrast between the candidates. Trump appeared sweaty and haggard while Biden appeared relatively youthful. There was just one problem: President Biden’s picture had been photoshopped.
  • The original version of Biden’s picture was posted on March 28, 2023, by the official White House Twitter account.

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